Who should be #1 in the Indy Power Rankings for the Week of 6/1/15?

Who we are and how the final vote is tallied: http://wp.me/P4kQ6t-1

Winner of the online voting competition is “People Champ” for the week AND helps their overall ranking! There is no award for second place but all votes that come in add to the wrestler’s final ranking so vote away!

Winner of the online voting competition will have his/her social media, merchandise, upcoming events, etc…promoted by us for a full week!

Why The Online Voting Competition/People’s Champ(s) Award Matters http://wp.me/p4kQ6t-1cw

Voting ends at 10 PM EST! 6/1

The Top 10 will be revealed on “The Indy Power Rankings Reveal” at 3 PM EST on Tuesday, June 2nd as we’ll be discussing Outlaw Wrestling’s first show on June 7th with Devin Cutter of The Hooligans & more! Don’t miss it!



5/31 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) Bad Intentions Results


Dale Patricks defeated Dewy Barnes

Zodiak defeated Dustin Levine

Kathy Owens defeated Adam Bueller

Hy Zaya defeated JC Rotten, Sugar Dunkerton, American Viking, Mikey McFinnegan and corporal robinson

Try Out Show Rejects defeated Viking War Party

Joseph Schwartz defeated Mitch Page

IWA Title: Kongo Kong defeated Shane Mercer

IWA Title: Kongo Kong defeated Dewey Barnes

IWA Title: Hy Zaya defeated Kongo Kong!!!