April 22nd-Tag Team Top 5 Reveal with The Savages & Trina Michaels


On April 22nd at 3 PM Eastern Time, The FIP World Tag Team Champions, The Savages along with Trina Michaels will join us for the Tag Team Top 5 Reveal on Elite Podcast Network. With a big FIP show coming up on 4/18 and The Savages having to deal with the challenge of Aaron Solow & Jason Cade, will they still be the champions when the Tag Team Top 5 Reveal comes around? Speaking of, will they be IN the Tag Team Top 5 for the first time?

Make sure to tune in on April 22nd at 3 PM EST for the Tag Team Top 5 Reveal followed by a chat with one of the truly upcoming tag teams in the U.S. independent scene right now. 

Listen here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elitepodcastnetwork/2015/04/22/indy-power-rankings-tag-team-top-5-reveal-ft-the-savages-trina-michaels

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4/15 Rockstar Pro Amped Results


 Amped 4/15/15 Results

1.  Gritty & Pretty (Bruce Grey & Ace Perry) beat High Life (Jerry Andrews & Beast).

2.  Dustin Rayz beat Lennox Norris.

3.  Benjamin Kimera & Chris Hall beat Dangerously Sweet.

4.  Kyle Kraven beat Big Jim Hutchinson.

–Matt Taylor talked about being attacked last week by Mathis, and his future RSP Title Match against Mathis…Ron Mathis came out, got in the face of Taylor until Dale Patricks came out…

5.  Ron Mathis beat Dale Patricks in a non-title match.

6.  Kyle Maverick beat Zachary Wentz, Duke Beefhammer, Sid Fabulous, Pompano Joe, & Ganger in a 6 Way Scramble Match.

7.  High Fiving Fat Guys (Jon Murray & Bradley Abrahms) beat Draven & Jerrod Harris.

8.  Dave Crist beat “Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams.

9.  Jeremiah & Nate Wings w/Bobby Olsen beat Alex Colon & Flex Jordan by disqualification after Clayton Jackson, Kyle Kraven, & JT Davidson interfered.  However, the odds were then evened which led to…

10.  Jeremiah, Nate Wings, Dave Crist, & Dustin Rayz w/Bobby Olsen beat JTD Inc ( Alex Colon, Flex Jordan, Kyle Kraven, & Clayton Jackson w/JT Davidson) in an 8-Man Tag Match.