4/1 & 4/3 Rockstar Pro Results

Amped 4/1/15 Results

1.  Jerry Andrews beat “Livin’ Large” Bradley Abrahms.

2.  Jon Murray beat Great American Beast.

3.  Dustin Rayz beat Flex Jordan by disqualification after Jordan hit Rayz with a chair.

4.  Ganger & Sid Fabulous vs. Benjamin Kimera & Duke Beefhammer ended in a no contest.

5.  Pompano Joe beat “True Grit” Bruce Grey in a DANCE OFF.

6.  Nate Wings w/Bobby Olsen beat Ace Perry.

–Gee Gee announced that at Spring Break Jake Crist vs Shane Douglas would be the main event.  This brought out Rockstar Pro Champion Ron Mathis who berated Gee Gee.  He questioned his integrity as a promoter and a man.

7.  “Darkstar” Matt Taylor beat Kyle Maverick, Jeremiah, Zach Wentz, Draven, Dale Patricks, Jerrod Harris, Zakk Spadez, & “Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams in a 9 Man Scramble Match.

8.  OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist) beat Alex Colon & Jake Omen w/JT Davidson in a No Disqualification Tag Match.

Spring Break Results 4/3/15

1.  Flex Jordan w/JT Davidson beat Dustin Rayz.

2.  Nate Wings & Jeremiah w/Bobby Olsen beat High Life (Jerry Andrews & Beast), High Fiving Fat Guys (Jon Murray & Bradley Abrahms), & Ace Perry/Qefka the Quiet in a Fatal Four Way Tag-Team Match.

3.  “True Grit” Bruce Grey beat Pompano Joe after Ace Perry hit Pompano with a DDT while the ref was distracted.

4.  Jake Omen beat “Sick & Twisted” Zakk Spadez.

5.  DJ Hyde beat “Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams.

6.  Ron Mathis beat “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont in a No Disqualification Match to retain the Rockstar Pro Championship.

7.  Duke Beefhammer beat Benjamin Kimera & “Silverback” Chris Hall in a Triple Threat Match.

8.  “Gem City Queen” Nevaeh beat Samantha Heights w/Kyle Maverick.

9.  Alex Colon w/JT Davidson, Kyle Kraven, & Flex Jordan beat Dave Crist to retain the American Luchacore Championship after a referee refused to make a count that could have given Crist the victory.

10.  “Darkstar” Matt Taylor beat “The Product” David Starr.

11.  “The Pitbull” Ganger beat “The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan.

12.  “The Franchise” Shane Douglas beat Jake Crist in a Hardcore Match.

13.  Ron Mathis beat Jake Crist in an impromptu match to retain the Rockstar Pro Championship.


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