3/21 PGP Challenge Accepted Results


 1.)Team Overkill(Matt Cage and Christian Rose) d. Roscoe Eat Lisa(Zakk Sawyer and Mikey McFinnigan).

2.)Kansas City Killers(Jeremy Wyatt and Mark Sterling) d. Alpha Breed(Remi Wilkins and Trevor Court).

3.)The Perfect Addiction(Perry Winkle and Randy Ray) d. MegaOvir(“Mega”Chris Jones and Ovirload).

4.)Team IOU(Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful) d. The Regulators(Ron Mathis and Aaron Williams).

5.)Cutting Edge champion Mario Andrew Crivello d. Gary Jay.

6.)Team Overkill d. Kansas City Killers.

7.)Team IOU d. The Perfect Addiction.

8.)“The Apex” Blake Steel d. “Dirdey” Jake Dirden to become the new Franchise Champion.

9.)Team IOU d. Team Overkill to become new PGP Tag Team Champions.


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