3/20 Strong Style Wrestling Retaliation Results


Strong Style Wrestling “Retaliation” results from Goshen, IN

1. Bolt Brady defeated Matt Cage

2. The Soul Shooters defeated Ace Perry & Anthony Toatele

3. Trevor Court defeated Ryan Epic and Danny Shay in a Triple Threat Match

4. Skayde Jr and Bandolero went to a no contest as “Big” Russ Jones interefered in the match and took out both men

5. Roger Lanier defeated Brutus Dylan

6. Jake Omen defeated Christian Rose

7. Melanie Cruise defeated Mary Elizabeth Monroe

8. Shane Mercer defeated Scotty Young

9. Remi Wilkins defeated Tommaso Ciampa

10. Suger Dunkerton defeated Shannon Moore to retain the Strong Style Heavyweight title

Next show is April 11 for “Rise to the Occasion” featuring ACH vs Jake Omen 2 and Sugar Dunkerton (c) vs John Wayne Murdoch for the Strong Style Wrestling title.


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