3/20/15 PWF Results Hubert, NC

Thanks to Rufus Patson of Pro Wrestling Carolinas for results

“Fabulous” Frankie Fontaine def Gluteus Maximus

Chris Century def “The Hangman” Jesse Logan via referee reversal

Jakob Hammermeier def Timmy Lou Retton with the KO Punch

Will Huckaby def Zane Riley to retain the NWA Continental Title

First Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews) def The Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino & CW Anderson) to retain the PWF Tag Team Titles

The Geordie Bulldogs attacked the Tag Champs after the match

Christoft & Chastity Taylor def Emmanuel Ortega & ? in mixed tag team action

Eddie Brown retained his Crystal Coast Open Weight title by DQ over Michael Waldruff

Waldruff handcuffed Brown to the ropes & beat him down to cause the DQ

Jakob Hammermeier cashed in his shot and defeated Eddie Brown with the KO Punch to become new PWF Crystal Coast Open Weight Title ***TITLE CHANGE***

“The Black Cloud” Joe Black & Colby Corino fought to a time limit draw. The two were given 5 extra minutes but again it ended in a time limit draw

Jagger def Cedric Alexander to win the PWF Heavyweight Championship. The match was ruled a no contest and restarted Jagger applied his “Rings of Saturn” submission and Alexander passed out from the pain.


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