3/13 & 3/14 IWE (@IWEMaine) Results

IWE – South Portland – 3-13

1. Blade Bandit def. Owen Brodie

2. Ian Griffin def. Kenny Roberts

3. Tony Starr def. Kenyon Mora

4. “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack def. “Da HEY Man” Eric Johnson

5. Crash Landing def. “Mad Man” Mark Mahoney

6. Ace Romero def. “Flash” Nick McKenna

IWE – Brewer – 3-14

1. “The Alpha Dog” Jason Rumble def. Kenyon Mora & Tony Starr

2. Sonny Roselli def. Kenny Roberts

3. J-Roc Primer, Sylar Graves, & “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas def. “Aftershock” Adam Ricker, Crash Landing, & Ian Griffin in a Six Man Tag Team Match

4. John Bryer def. “Mad Man” Mark Mahoney

5. “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack def. Ace Romero


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