3/1 IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 10-Night 2 Results

Insane Lane won the Softcore Title Gauntlet

Corey Hollis beat Tank

2nd Round-Nathan’s sadistic playground match, John Rare beat Chuey Martinez

2nd Round-Tennessee white trash death match, Bryant Woods defeated Corporal Robinson with help from Tank

2nd Round-Concrete jungle match, Spidar Boodrow beat Freakshow

2nd Round-Bundles of Joy Death Match, Josh Crane beat John Wayne Murdoch by ref stoppage

Crimson mask death match rumble for the $10 wrestling championship. Winner: Big Donnie. Cornbread cashed in his money in the bank on Big Donnie, and won the $10 championship.

The final is a 4 way No rope barb wire, no rope razor wire, no canvas, fire cracker board, sheet rocks, board with running fans, and a bunch of other stuff: Josh Crane vs Spidar Boodrow vs John Rare vs Bryant Woods

Winner: John Rare


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