2/28 IWA Deep South Carnage Cup 10-Night 1 Results

Round 1-John Rare defeated Colt 45 in a Barefoot Pin Cushion Death Match

Round 1-Spidar Boodrow beat Terry Houston in a No rope barbed wire massacre match

Round 1-Bryant Woods beat Insane Lane in a No rope barbed wire, light tubes, and lit candles match

Non tournament Chikara fatal 4 way-Missile Assault Ant wins vs Oleg the Usurper, Juan Francisco De Coronado, & Boar of Mordova

YBW hardcore 3 way championship match, ACID wins vs Lil Bink vs Mikey G

Round 1-Chuey Martinez wins vs Ruben Steel vs Mosh Pit Mike in a Damn Yankee Death Match


Round 1-Freakshow beat El Niño Problemo in a Pat’s Purgatory Death match

Round 1- Corporal Robinson beat Tank in a fans bring the light tubes and thumbtacks match

Round 1- John Wayne Murdoch beat Belton Creedmore in an exorcist death match

Round 1- Josh Crane beat Dale Patricks in a lighttubes corners match


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