2/12 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) Heartbreak Results


4 Way Lucha Tag-Nick Iggy & Uncle Dewey vs The Hooligans vs Elements of Wrestling 2.0 vs Viking War Party
First elimination: Vikings eliminated Iggy & Dewey
Second elimination: EOW eliminated Vikings
Winners: The Hooligans

10 Man Scramble-1. Sugar Dunkerton 2. Gary Jay 3. Dale Patricks 4. Ray Waddell 5. Nick Doepp5ubb 6. Jordan Whitaker 7. Chip Day 8. Joe Eicher 9. Zodiak 10. Gibson Grey
Zodiak pinned Gibson
Zodiak pinned Jay and Patricks
Waddell pinned Whitaker
Sugar pinned Waddell
Sugar pinned Day
Sugar pinned Doepp
Sugar pinned Eicher
Zodiak pinned Sugar
Winner: Zodiak

Finishers Match: Shane Mercer beat John Wayne Murdoch after an Assault & Battery through a table. INSANE MATCH

Detroit 3 (Breyer Wellington, Randi West, & Joseph Schwartz) vs Mitch Page, Cash Flo, & Mistress Burgandi
Detroit 3 won by ref stoppage

BJ Whitmer defeated Jonathan Gresham in an amazing match

JC Rotten beat Reed Bentley in a bloody Dog Collar Match with help from Sabrina and Zodiak

Jimmy Jacobs defeated Ace Perry in a Spike on a Pole Match with help from BJ Whitmer

Kongo Kong beat Chris Hero to retain the IWA Title