2/6 Rockstar Pro Three Results


Rockstar Pro “THREE” Results 2/6/15

Dark: Duke Beefhammer won a 15 Man Battle Royal.

1. Dave Crist beat Alex Colon, Jeremiah, Nate Wings, Remi Wilkins, Zakk Spadez, & “Black Jaws” Gerome Phillips in an Aerial Assault Match to retain the American Luchacore Championship.

2. Big Jim Hutchinson beat “True Grit” Bruce Grey. By losing the match, Grey is no longer allowed to use the DDT.

3. “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont beat Kyle Maverick.

4. “Pitbull” Ganger & Hellcat beat Jerrod Harris & Draven.

5. Eric Ryan beat Colin Delaney.

6. “Darkstar” Matt Taylor beat Benjamin Kimera.

7. Team Crist (Jake Crist, Dave Crist, Ron Mathis, Dustin Rayz, & Aaron Williams) beat Team Hyde (DJ Hyde, Jock Samson, Chris Hall, Alex Colon, & JT Davidson) in a 5 on 5 Elimination Ultraviolent Island of Death Match. Jake Crist was the sole survivor and he retained the Rockstar Pro Championship.

2/4 Rockstar Pro Amped Results


Rockstar Pro “Amped” 2/4/15 Results

Dave Crist beat Zakk Spadez, Colin Delaney, Pompano Joe, Flex Jordan, Jeremiah, Alex Colon, Draven, Jerrod Harris, Sid Fabulous, & Zach Wentz in an 11 Man Scramble Match to become the NEW American Luchacore Champion.

“The Pitbull” Ganger beat G-Force.

Benjamin Kimera beat Big Jim Hutchinson after interference by Bruce Grey.

“True Grit” Bruce Grey beat “Darkstar” Matt Taylor after interference by Benjamin Kimera.

Ron Mathis beat “Silverback” Chris Hall.

Kyle Maverick & Samantha Heights beat Hellcat & Dewey.

Duke Beefhammer w/Coach Jake Crist beat Alex Colon w/JT Davidson.

Mikael beat Great American Beast in a Falls Count Anywhere Hardcore Match.

Who should be #1 in the Indy Power Rankings for the Week of 2/9/15?

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2/7 CCW (@CCWEvansville) Battle of the Best Results


Joey O’Reilly beat AT Brooks

Reed Bentley defeated Chad Rockman

John Wayne Murdoch beat Shank Barzini

Mickie Knuckles beat Jacob Black to retain the CCW Hardcore Title

JP Lightning defeated Justin Storm

The Tryout Show Rejects (Bentley & Murdoch) beat Viking War Party (Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell)

Shane Mercer defeated Andrew Hunter to retain the CCW Tri-state Title

Derek Neal beat Hy Zaya by DQ to retain the CCW Heavyweight Title

2/7 Strong Style Wrestling (@StrongStyleWres) Birthday Bash Results


1. Bolt Brady defeated Ryan Epic and Lightning Bolt Johnson

2. Brutus Dylan defeated Bryan O

3. Kongo Kong defeated Brian DeFiance

4. Jake Omen defeated ACH

5. The Prestige defeated Team IOU & Shane Douglas after Douglas turned on IOU and joined forces with The Prestige

6. Anthony Toatele defeated Alexander S. Kirk in an I Quit match

7. Shannon Moore defeated Chase Matthews in a #1 Contendership Match

8. Remi Wilkins defeated “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters

9. Sugar Dunkerton defeated Silas Young to retain the Strong Style Heavyweight title

2/6 & 2/7 IWE (@IWEMaine) Results


IWE Results (2/6)

1. “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack won the 2015 King Of New England Royal Rumble
2. Primer Inc. def. Johnny Primer & Sylar Graves
3. Ace Romero def. Jason Rumble by DQ
4. The Mutts (Ian Griffin & Randy Guerrero) def. Inked & Awesome to become the new IWE Tag Team Champions
5. “The Concept” Johnny Torres def. “Da HEY Man” Eric Johnson
6. Josef Von Schmidt def. Randy Walker
7. The Leatherheads def. The Playaz Society
8. “The White Delight” Scott Wild def. Tommy Mack to become the new IWE Champion

IWE Results (2/7)

1. “Heart Attack” Tommy Mack def. Drew Mastone
2. “Wild Thing” Ric Daniels def. Josef Von Schmidt by DQ
3. The McNasty Brothers def. The Leatherheads
4. “The Concept” Johnny Torres def. “The O Bro” Owen Brodie to retain the IWE Juniorweight Championship
5. The Fallen def. The Playaz Society
6. The Mutts def. Blade Bandit & Nick McKenna to retain the IWE Tag Team Titles
7. Scott Wild def. Ace Romero