Indy Power Rankings for the Week of January 26th, 2015


Indy Power Rankings for the Week of January 26th, 2015

1. People’s Champ. Kongo Kong (@RealKongoKong)-The dominant monsta had just one number one ranking in 2014, but managed to climb all the way up to #3 in the IPR 100. He’s already starting off this year in similar fashion, but he’s doing it sooner than he did last year. The IWA Mid-South Champion defeated Mark Vandy at BCW in Canada on 1/20, then beat Jimmy Jacobs on 1/23 at JCW, then won a Gauntlet (his 2nd in 2 weeks) vs. Reinmetal, Cory Lyon, & CJ Anderson on 1/24, and then finished the week off, defeating Brian Defiance the same night. A 4-0 record for the week (or 6-0 if you prefer) made him almost a complete lock for #1 this week. Very few have been dominant over the last year than Kong, but he’s a special kind of monsta. Also, to add to his vast list of accomplishments, he is the People’s Champ this week, becoming just the second person to win both the singles online voting competition AND the official vote. It was almost a complete sweep for this unstoppable savage.

2. Brian Cage (@MrGMSI_BCage)-The NEW IWF Champion (and current FSP Champion) entered the tournament on 1/23 as a bit of a dark horse, but proceeded to defeat Biff Busick and then win the Four-Way finals vs. Chris Hero, Drew Galloway, and Uhaa Nation. He has won 9 of his last 10 matches (excluding Lucha Underground which we do not consider an independent wrestling company). After being MIA last year in the Indy Power Rankings, he is now showing that 2014 was just a fluke and that 2015 could be just as big or bigger than his 2013. Is the “F’N Machine” going to be able to build on this ranking and perhaps snag his first #1? Stay tuned…

3. Minoru Suzuki-Unlike Dragon Kid, Suzuki picked up a singles victory in the “Land of the Rising Sun” on 1/25 when he defeated Jado. He also picked up various tag team victories to go 5-0 for the week at Pro Wrestling NOAH, proving once again that the international (and specifically Japanese) influence on the Indy Power Rankings continues to grow. Not only did he go 5-0 last week, he has won 10 straight matches. Impressive stuff and if he can continue this success, there’s no doubt that you’ll be seeing his name pop up time and time again throughout 2015.

4. Nicole Savoy (@NikiMSavo)-The winner of the AWS Race for the Ring 2 becomes the highest ranked female so far in 2015. On 1/23 she defeated Taeler Hendrix and then moved on to defeat Kahmora in Round 2 on 1/24, and then defeated Hania the Huntress and Marriah Moreno on 1/24 in the Finals. Impressive weekend for Savoy who has never even garnered a mention in the Top 10 in the past. That being said, it proves that one big tournament win can shoot you right up the rankings and Savoy was the beneficiary of that victory. Now with most of 2015 still in front of her, time will tell if she can build on this ranking with further visits to the Top 10.

5. Dragon Kid-One of the best junior heavyweights in Japan hops into the Top 10 this week after going 4-0 on the week (and 3-0 last week) for a grand total of 7 wins and 0 losses over the last 2 weeks. Amazing run of victories for the Dragon Gate star, but what he’s truly missing that is keeping him out of the #1 spot are some signature singles victories. Most (if not all) of his recent victories have been in various tag team matches. Granted, the likes of Uhaa Nation and Ricochet lived rather heartily off of those types of wins, but Dragon Kid will need to rattle off a win or two in singles to build on this solid ranking in the future.

6. Doug Williams (@DougWilliamsUK)-Another appearance for one of the best in the UK as the 4FW Heavyweight Champion teamed with Andy Wild on 1/23 at PCW to beat CJ Banks & Kid Fite, and then defeated Koji Kanemoto on 1/24 to retain the title. With 5 straight wins and 11 wins out of his last 12 matches, Williams is off to a hot start in 2015. Though he may not be in the international spotlight in TNA and/or ROH anymore, he’s still tearing it up in the UK, picking up wins and titles wherever he goes.

7. Jake Crist-The Rockstar Pro Champion (and multi-promotional tag team champion) had another good week as he teamed with Chris Hall at Rockstar Pro on 1/22 to defeat JTD Inc. and then teamed with Dave Crist at JCW on 1/23 to defeat Super Tiger & Spider Monkey to go 2-0 for the week. He is now 4-0 on the week and continues to prove that consistency is one of the many keys to being ranked. He is sitting pretty at the current #1 spot in the 2015 IPR 100, but he’ll need to pick up wins to retain that spot throughout the year with the likes of Sugar Dunkerton, Kongo Kong, and Ace Perry hot on his heels.

8. Ethan Page (@OfficialEgo)-“All Ego” makes another appearance in the Top 10 this week after defeating DJ Z (Zema Ion) at AAW on 1/23. This can’t miss star has won 5 straight matches after losing in the 2nd round of the PGP Ryan Buckley Memorial Tournament. While he’s no stranger to the Top 10, he’s still continuing his push to make his way into the IPR 100 this year after just missing out last year. He is truly one of Canada’s finest and we fully expect him to find a solid ranking at the end of the year.

9. El Valiente-It’s a first time appearance for this Mexican sensation as he teamed with La Máscara, Brazo de Plata at CMLL on 1/20 to beat Kraneo, Rey Bucanero and Damián el Terrible, then beat Kamaitachi on 1/23, and then teamed with Atlantis and Stuka Jr to beat Felino, El Mephisto and Arkángel de la Muerte by DQ on 1/24 to go 3-0 for the week. With him winning 7 of his last 8 matches, his first appearance in the Top 10 is a well-deserved one. We shall see if he can continue to be the Lucha standout this year.

10. Courtney Rush (@WinnipeggerRush)-She is the NEW PWA Canada Elite Women’s Champion after beating KC Spinelli for the title on 1/24. If that wasn’t enough, she followed up on that victory by defending and retaining the title vs. Jody D Milo on 1/24 to go 2-0 for the week. She has won at least 4 straight matches, making her the second female in the Top 10 this week. Good week for the ladies, but we expect to see even more diversity among the female gender as the year moves on. #9 in the online poll.

Others missing out/receiving votes:
Dave Mastiff
Mia Yim
John Klinger
Chase Matthews-#4 in the online poll
Drew Galloway
Matt Hardy
Dickie Divers
Joey Vengence
2 Tuff Tony
Matt Majestic
Breyer Wellington-#2 in the online poll
Jack Thriller-#3 in the online poll
Necro Butcher
Shane Mercer-Tied for #7 in the online poll
Josh Crow
Alex Titan-Tied for #5 in the online poll
Tommy Dreamer
Ace Perry
Amber O’Neal Gallows
Kevin Blue
Kacee Carlisle-Tied for #5 in the online poll
Taka Michinoku
Jimmy Havoc
Dean Draven-Tied for #7 in the online poll
Chris Sabin

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