1/24 FWF (@FWFWrestling) New Year’s Funk Results


Anthony Toatele with Kenzi defeated Jacob Brawn. After his defeat, he knocked Toatele down & made his way towards Kenzi. She tricked him, smacked him & smashed his face into a chair!

Roger Lanier defeated Alexander S. Kirk.

FWF Tag Team Champions the Police Department faced Brute Force & it ended in a double count DQ. The match spilled to the outside & went backstage.

Randi West came out to announce to the FWF Universe that she’s Kongo Kong’s new manager & he’s ready for anyone in the FWF! Kongo Kong defeated Reinmetal, Cory Lyon & CJ Anderson in a 3 on 1 gauntlet match. Then Brian Defiance came to the ring making his return to the FWF in over 6 months!

Kongo Kong defeated Brian Defiance after spraying red mist in Defiance’s eyes & giving him a huge powerbomb. The ref was distracted by Brute Force & the Police Departement coming back out & fighting at ringside.

Chase Matthews defeated JD Smooth.

‘The Answer’ Matt O’Hare defeated Cosmo.

Hebrew Hammer defeated Drax O’Brien & KC HΓΌber.

Jack Thriller defeated Lightning Bolt Johnson to become the new FWF Cruiserweight Champion.

After the match JD Smooth ran down ringside to congradulate Thriller & beat down LBJ. Chase Matthews made the save & challenged Thriller & Smooth to face him & LBJ at Funk & Mayhem on Saturday March 21st.


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