1/24 CWF Mid-Atlantic Double Barrel Results

cwfmidatlanticTag Team Match
Evan Banks & Wesley Jennings (w/Bobby O’Neil) defeat Chappy & Timmy Lou Retton (w/Coach Gemini)

Tag Team Match
The Brutes (Jimmy Parker & Mark James) defeat The Mid-Atlantic Outlaws (Louis Moore & Matt Houston)

Tag Team Match
The Dangerous E-lliance (Corey Edsel & Sis) defeat Charlie Weston & Smith Garrett

Tag Team Match
Chris Lea & Jesse Adler defeat Ethan Alexander Sharpe & Manny Garcia

Tag Team Match
Lee Valiant & Marcellus King defeat Arik Royal & Ray Kandrack

Tag Team Match
The Goon Squad (Roy Wilkins & Walter Eaton) (w/Coach Gemini) defeat Brad Attitude & Steve Greene

CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Title Match
Chet Sterling & Trevor Lee (c) defeat Nick Richards & Zane Dawson



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