1/21 Rockstar Pro (@RockstarProWres) Amped Results


Amped 1/21/15 Results

Alex Colon beat “Darkstar” Matt Taylor.

Jeremiah beat Zachary Wentz, Duke Beefhammer, Bruce Grey, Ace Perry, Benjamin Kimera, Matt Ryan, Sid Fabulous, Gregory Sharp, & Jonathan Owens in a 10 Man Scramble Match.

“The Pitbull” Ganger beat Jake Omen.

High Fiving Fat Guys (Jon Murray & Bradley Abrahms) beat Kyle Maverick & Samantha Heights.

Nate Wings w/Bobby Olsen beat “Sick & Twisted” Zakk Spadez to become the NEW American Luchacore Champion.

Pompano Joe beat Great American Beast w/Mikael.

Ron Mathis & Dustin Rayz beat Jerrod Harris & Draven.

“Baddest Man Alive” Aaron Williams beat Big Jim Hutchinson.

Jake Crist & “Silverback” Chris Hall beat JTD Inc (Kyle Kraven & Flex Jordan w/JT Davidson). Hall was Crist’s surprise partner, but after the victory Hall turned on Crist by giving him an F-5.


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