1/17 PWX ‘Taken By Force’ 2 Results Hickory, NC

American Tiger & “Cauliflower” Chase Brown def “Mr Elite” Drew Meyers & Tim Donst when Brown forced Meyers to tap out to a reverse arm bar.

PWX Innovative Television Champion “Son of The South” Billy Brash def “Do or Die” Chip Day & “The Black Cloud” Joe Black to retain the title after the champion pinned Black following a devastating spin kick from Chip Day.

Uhaa Nation & Moose Ojinnaka had an absolute war that ended in a double countout.

Amanda Rodriguez def Alexish Parrish spoiling the PWX debut of The “Wicked Beauty”.

PWX Tag Team Champions Country Jacked (Adam Page & Corey Hollis) came out for their Southern Celebration, The champs were drinking Fireball Whiskey and were in GREAT SPIRITS! They said they’d beaten everyone and there was no one else back there for them to face. Anthony Henry came out and said he was there to wrestle, he attacked the champs, “The Thoroughbred” Jaxson James came out to help, and the match was on!

Country Jacked def Anthony Henry & Jaxson James in a non title match. Hollis spit whiskey in James face and rolled him up for the victory.

Zane Riley def Greg Excellent after reversing a sunset flip from the apron to pick up the win. Caleb Konley came out and said the match that just happened was a Charade put on by Brian Kanabroski and PWX management to stifle their momentum and further damage the reputation of a promotion that he helped to build. Konley & Riley were escorted from the building.

Worst Case Scenario (Ethan Case & Elijah Evans IV) def The Bravado Brothers after hitting ‘Finito’ (Assisted Jackhammer) and with a little help from their talent manager THE Tommy Thomas.

“The Southern Savior” John Skyler def “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor with ‘Sliced Bread’ in the main event. After the match, Skyler was mistreating Anthony Henry’s girlfriend Amber (who is forced to be with Skyler due to a match stipulation from November) Henry came out and attacked Skyler, and said last year at Rise of a Champion he said “I Quit” this year he will beg for his life in a STREET FIGHT!!! Henry then curb stomped The Southern Savior and left the ring as Amber seemed to enjoy what she saw.

PWX returns to Winston Salem and worldwide on IPPV February 22nd with Rise of a Champion X featuring The debut of The Young Bucks in the Carolinas, Caleb Konley, PWX Tag Champs Country Jacked, John Skyler, Jaxson James, “Cauliflower” Chase Brown, Worst Case Scenario, and much more!


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