2014 IPR Official Voter Awards: Tag Team of the Year

2014 IPR Official Voter Awards: Tag Team of the Year

While the 2014 Tag Team Top 50 is a collection of 50 independent tag teams based on their previous rankings throughout the year of 2014, the “Official Voter Awards” are 100% a ballot among the official voters of the Indy Power Rankings who gave a final year-end ballot where they each gave their Top 5 for the year. Their ballots are 100% based on the same criteria we used for the Tag Team Top 5 this year, namely the 3 major criteria that we use to rank tag team on a weekly basis:

1. Win-loss record for the week & overall
2. Strength of opponents for the week
3. Overall public perception of the wrestler in question (i.e. Chris Hero has a stronger following than a regional independent wrestler who most people have never heard of)

These awards are not meant to undermine the Tag Team Top 50 in any way, but many of the voters felt that some of the rankings at the end of the year were a bit inflated (or deflated as the case may be) and this was their chance to give their opinion on the year, in general.

1. reDRagon (Kyle O’Reilly & Bobby Fish)-Unlike the IPR 100 for 2014, this #1 differed from what the 2014 Tag Team Top 50 produced. The Hooligans were #1 for the year because of their consistency and the amount of times and places they teamed all year, but it was clearly the QUALITY of the wins that reDRagon produced (ROH World Tag Team Title wins, defenses, pay per view matches, and the huge tournament AND title wins at New Japan) in 2014 swayed the voters when it came to their year-end ballots. This doesn’t take away from The Hooligans’ fantastic 2014, but it doesn’t add credibility to the fact that reDRagon had by most accounts, the most dominant year of any tag team when it came right down to it. That being said, we’d all like to see reDRagon vs. The Hooligans at some point in 2015. Someone book it, please?!

2. Juicy Product (JT Dunn & David Starr)

3. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter)

4. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)

5. OI4K (Jake & Dave Crist)

Others receiving votes:
Bravado Bros
Team IOU

As we did last year, we announced the 2014 LIVE on Weekly Wrestling Podcast. This year, we announced the Tag Team Top 50 LIVE on Filling the Void Radio Network with HUGE guests coming on to get their rankings and talk about their 2014 & 2015 coming up. Rather than have us explain every ranking to you, it’s best to listen to the shows! You can also find the entire 2014 IPR 100 here:

Guests on the shows:

12/29-Tessa Blanchard, Lee Byford, Jesse Amato, Hudson Envy, Benjamin Kimera, Jake Dirden, Ruby Raze, Shane Mercer, Corey Hollis, Adam Page, Lince Dorado, Benjamin Kimera, Ron Mathis, Gary Jay

12/30 (Tag Team Top 50)-Devin Cutter of The Hooligans, f1rst Generation (James Anthony & Victor Andrews), Country Jacked (Corey Hollis & Adam Page), Dave & Jake Crist of OI4K, The Soul Shooters (Appollo Starr & Dru Skillz), Nick Iggy of Team IOU, The Viking War Party (Alex Rudolph & Jake Parnell), Marc Hauss of #MOTN Lions, Joseph Schwartz of HammerStein, Alex Castle of Helter Skelter, Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend), Los Ben Dejos/Team Lucha (Eddie Rios & Jay Cruz), Devastation Corporation (McMassive & Smashmaster)

12/30 (IPR 100)-Chase Owens, Chase Matthews, Heidi Lovelace, James Anthony, Aaron Williams, Ron Mathis, Arik Royal, Shane Strickland, Joey Janela, Mickie Knuckles, Hy Zaya

12/31-Josef Von Schmidt, David Starr, John Wayne Murdoch, Jason Kincaid, Kongo Kong/Osyris with Rodney Rush, Caleb Konley, Matt Cage

Here are the IPR 100 Links:

Night 1 (12/29 from 9 PM to 11 PM EST): http://www.blogtalkradio.com/elitepodcastnetwork/2014/12/30/ipr100-2014–night-1-ft-jesse-amato-ron-mathis-hudson-envy-more

Night 2 (12/30 from 9 PM to 11 PM EST):

Night 3 (12/31 from 9 PM to 11 PM EST):

Here is the Tag Team Top 50 link:
12/30 from 3 PM to 5 PM EST:

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