1/8 IWA Mid-South (@IWAMidSouth) A Matter of Respect Results


Zodiak beat American Viking

Zakk Sawyers defeats Randi West, Jun Hado, & Mikey McFinnegan in a 4 Way

Breyer Wellington beat Owen Travers

Joseph Schwartz defeated Corporal Robinson in a wild brawl

The Hooligans beat Elements of Wrestling 2 Falls to 1 in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match

Next week: Hooligans vs Elements of Wrestling vs Team IOU in a 3 Way Tornado Tag

Josh Crow defeated Dale Patricks

Next Week: Joseph Schwartz vs Dale Patricks in a POTDM Qualifier

Ace Perry beat Jimmy Jacobs in a Respect Match. Jacobs attacked him with the spike after…busting him wide open!

3 Way Elimination Match
Elimination order determines Gauntlet order next week vs Kongo Kong:
John Wayne Murdoch vs Reed Bentley vs Shane Mercer
1st Elimination-Shane Mercer
2nd Elimination-Reed Bentley
Winner-John Wayne Murdoch


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