1/2 PWAS New Year’s Slammer Results


Credit: Tiffany Tilli

Rivera opened the show to announce The 2014 Fan Choice Awards: Rod Street won Wrestler of the Year, FIA won Heel of the Year, and Necro Butcher won Face of the Year

Match #1: The Hy-Stars (Atlas Hytower and “The Natural,” Lance Star) and “The Next Level of Entertainment,” Owen Travers defeated Officer Rod Street’s Crew (Deputy Dave, FIA, and Chris Moore) …The Hy-Stars also won The 2014 Fan Choice Tag Team of the Year!

Tiffany Tilli
Match #2: “The Old Tymer” Jeff King defeated The Mysterious Movado in a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match (Jeff King won the 1st and 3rd Falls by cheating and Movado won the 2nd Fall)
The 2014 Fan Choice Cruiserweight Wrestlers of the Year are: The Current PWAS Cruisercore Champion, Chase Matthews, and “The Threat,” Nate Mattison (It was a tie)

Tiffany Tilli
Match #3: The Great Akuma defeated “The Inmate,” Jack Thriller (by “Officer,” Rod Street and FIA pulling Ref Russ out of the ring to stop the match). So, Thriller doesn’t get his FREEDOM (which is what the match was for)…
*15-Minute Intermission*

The 2014 PWAS Woman of the Year: “The Queen of the Deathmatch,” Randi West

The 2014 PWAS Woman of the Year: “The Queen of the Deathmatch,” Randi West

Match #4: “The Threat,” (“The King of Status,” Breyer Wellington and Nate Mattison) defeated “The Dirty White Boy,” Chuck Stein and “The Human Amplifier,” Steve Rivera to become the NEW PWAS Tag Team Champions …(“The Hebrew Hammer,” Joseph Schwartz, is unable to compete)…

Match #5/Main Event: “Officer,” Rod Street defeated The Necro Butcher to re-tain the PWAS Championship (by Disqualification)


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