Indy Power Rankings for the Week of December 29th, 2014


Indy Power Rankings for the Week of December 29th, 2014

1. Ace Perry (@AcePerryIndy)-In one of the most interesting turn of events since we’ve been doing it, our guest last week on Indy Power Rankings LIVE on Weekly Wrestling Podcast came on to talk about the viral video that has been circulating of him asking a 16 year-old autistic girl to prom at IWA Mid-South…then proceeded to win the WCWO Young Guns Tournament to become the first #1 of 2015 (for the purposes of our rankings). First, he defeated Shawn Kemp, then knocked off Dale Patricks, and finally finished off the tournament by beating Bret Havoc in the Finals on 12/26. This kid has “star” written all over him and has drawn multiple comparisons among the official voters to Matt Sydal in his younger days. It will be fun to see how the rest of 2015 unfolds for him.#3 in the online poll with 54 votes.

2. BxB Hulk-The inclusion of Japanese talent (except NJPW) this year paid dividends immediately after the Open the Dream Gate Champion teamed with Dragon Kid to defeat Dia.Hearts on 12/23, then beat Shingo Takagi to retain the title on 12/28. With Dragon Gate running multiple tours on a frequent basis, 2015 could be a year where a lot of their talent makes waves in the IPR for the very first time. With Uhaa Nation & Ricochet enjoying success there in previous years and capitalizing on that by being ranked…it’s possible the same could occur for the overseas talent who had not had chances to be ranked in previous years. That being said, it’s hard to ignore how important the title is that BxB Hulk holds. How will he do for the rest of 2015? We’ll sit back and find out for ourselves!

3. Josh Alexander (@Walking_Weapon)-HUGE weekend for one of the better Canadian talents who has been making waves in the U.S. as well. On 12/26 he defeated Uhaa Nation at AIW, then teamed with his Monster Mafia partner, Ethan Page to beat Jimmy Jacobs & Eddie Kingston at AAW on 12/27. It was a 2-0 week which, to be honest, is pretty rare for a lot of the Canadian imports to the U.S. indy scene. If this ranking is any indication as to what we can expect from him in 2015, it should be one hell of a ride for “The Walking Weapon.” While he’s known more for being a tag team specialist with Page, you cannot discount his success in singles as well. We look to see more good things from him throughout the year.

4. Jake Crist-The Rockstar Pro Champion (and holder of multiple tag titles with Dave Crist) continued where he left off in 2014 by picking up another big win at Rockstar Pro. This time it was a victory over Aaron Williams in an Iron Man Match (with just one fall) on 12/24. In 2014 he was dominant in both the tag team division and singles division. Can he continue that type of success in 2015? Time will tell. If you’d like to find out where he ranked in our IPR 100 and Tag Team Top 50 for 2014…make sure to tune into the LIVE Reveal shows (links below).

5. Rickey Shane Page/Christian Faith (@RickeyShanePage)-The AAW Heritage Champion had a very good weekend after he won a six-person scramble at AIW on 12/26 by defeating Dick Justice, Eric Ryan, Candice LeRae, Joshua Singh, and Flip Kendrick. He then went to AAW to defend the AAW Heritage Title where he defeated ROH superstar ACH on 12/27 to retain the title. A 2-0 week propels one of the better hidden gems in the Midwest into the Top 10. With wins in 5 of his last 6 matches, it looks like 2015 may turn out to be his breakout year. We hope to see more of him the rest of the year. #4 in the online poll with 28 votes.

6. Rob Conway (@TheRobConway)-The NWA World Heavyweight Champion wasn’t exactly setting our rankings on fire in 2014 despite holding the title for much of the year. That being said, he starts off 2015 with a bang after defeating a perennial favorite of the official voters in Jason Kincaid on 12/27 to retain the title. Not only did he beat Kincaid, he beat him in his territory as he beat him at NWA Smoky Mountain. Great victory for Conway to start off the year. Can he elevate the title to a higher prestige than it has been in recent years? It can only mean good things for wrestling if he can.

7. Ethan Case (@EthanCaseClosed)-The PWI Ultra J Champion retained his title at CWF Mid-Atlantic on 12/27 after defeating Chase Dakota, Cedric Alexander, and Lance Lude in a Four-Way. Strong competition to beat any one of them one-on-one, but to beat all 3 of them in a single match is particularly impressive. Despite a few mentions, this is the first Top 10 ranking for one of the Carolinas’ premiere talents. While he has had some success in the tag ranks, this looks to be his chance at really making a bigger name for himself in singles. Let’s see what 2015 holds for him going forward.

8. Brad Attitude (@BradAttitude)-One of the bigger wins of the weekend came when Brad Attitude defeated Roy Wilkins to win the CWF Mid-Atlantic Title. It was a huge victory as Roy Wilkins had been dominating CWF over the last several months, but the fact that the title does not have a history of hot-shotting made it all the more important. The former WWE signee had a cup of coffee in the rankings in 2014 but never really got to build on the momentum. With him now holding a top title in the Carolinas, this could be just the thing he needs to really start picking up steam in 2015.

9. John Skyler (@TheJohnSkyler)-“Tom Skerritt’s favorite wrestler” makes his debut in the Top 10 this week as Carolina came STRONG with several entrants in the Indy Power Rankings. The NEW WrestleForce Champion (after defeating Cedric Alexander) immediately made an impact for the year of 2015 with his big victory. He’s had some close calls in 2014 with a mention here or there, but this was likely his breakthrough win that could really get him on our radar. Consistency will be the key in 2015 and if he can be consistent, you’ll see more of him in our Top 10 as the year rolls along.

10. Naomichi Marufuji-The GHC Heavyweight Champion continued his success at NOAH on 12/23 after beating Yoshinari Ogawa. With this being his first week of being eligible for the Indy Power Rankings, he capitalized after winning 6 straight singles matches. Holding one of the most important titles in Japan didn’t hurt either. In our first week of voting for ALL talent all over the globe (providing they didn’t exclusively work for WWE, TNA, ROH, Lucha Underground, or NJPW) two of the top-talents made their presence felt.

1st Honorable Mention. Corey Hollis-1/2 of Country Jacked bounced back from injury by winning the Anarchy TV Title and JUST missed out on the Top 10 this week.

2nd Honorable Mention. Tommaso Ciampa-A 2-0 weekend gets this ROH star JUST short of the Top 10. Tune into the IPR 100 Reveal to see where he ranked in 2014.

People’s Champ. Eddy Young-After being Co-People’s Champ last week, he beat Showtime Apollo to become #1 Contender to the SWE Title. That win, combined with three straight wins and 213 votes, secured the first People’s Champ Award of 2014. Congrats to Eddy Young who made big splashes in the online voting competition in 2014 as well.

Others missing out/receiving votes:
Keiji Muto
Davey Richards
Kyoko Inoue
Josef Von Schmidt-#2 in the online poll with 160 votes
Ethan Alexander Sharpe
Dave Crist
Mio Shirai
John Wayne Murdoch
Jeremy Foster
Davey Vega
Brett Powers
Zak Sabbath
Adam Revolver
Danny Chase
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Billy Buck
Jeckles the Jester
Matt Sydal
Ron Mathis
Mickie James
Arik Royal
Charlie Hero
Jason Lee
Max Smashmaster
Zack Northern
Anthony Stone

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