12/27 OVW Results

Credit: Jonathan Barnes

1st match Pastor of Disaster vs SK Eveslage
Pastor of disaster wins via pinfall with help of the ropes

2nd match Leon Shelly vs Ryan Howe
Ryan Howe won via pinfall after the charttopper

3rd match Dapper Dan vs Ram Jam
Dapper Dan wins via pinfall after the German suplex

4th match Adam Revolver (c) & his magic beanie vs Adam Wylde
Revolver put Wylde to sleep to win the match with his sleeper hold

5th match The Fabulous FreeBodies (c) vs Adam Wylde & Ryan Howe for the titles
FreeBodies win when Body Guy pinned Adam Wylde

Main Event The War Machine Shiloh Jonze & Eric Locker (with Michael Titus & Josh Ashcraft) vs Danny Davis & Trailer Park Trash
Danny Davis & TPT won via DQ due to Michael Titus’ interference

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