12/17 Rockstar Pro (@RockstarProWres) Amped Results


Rockstar Pro “Amped” Results 12/17/14

Nevaeh had to give up her American Luchacore Championship due to injury, because of the bylaws of the contracts the Championship was handed back to former champion Alex Colon.

Mikael beat G-Force.

Alex Colon beat Ace Perry & Jake Omen in a Triple Threat Match to retain the American Luchacore Championship.

Kyle Maverick beat Flex Jordan.

Draven beat Duke Beefhammer.

Benjamin Kimera & Jerrod Harris beat Bradley Abrams & Zach Wentz.

Jeremiah beat Pompano Joe

Dustin Rayz beat Big Jim Hutchinson.

Dave Crist beat Nate Wings, Zakk Spadez, & Ron Mathis in a Fatal Four-Way Match to earn a CZW World Heavyweight Championship Match at the Hero’s Homecoming IPPV.

Jake Crist vs. Aaron Williams for the RSP Title went to a 45 Minute Time Limit Draw.


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