12/12 SWE A New Day Results


Show opened with Shade O’ Satu coming out with Eddy Young. Young got on the mic and called S.O.S. loss last week to Big Zo a fluke and demanded a rematch right then and there.
Big Zo answered and got the win clean via pin fall.

Next up Josiah Caine came out to a lot of heat. He got on the mic and talked that he was sick of the way Eddy Young treated the misfits and demanded a match. Eddy and answered the call. Eddy ended up walking out of the match.

30 minute Iron Man Match:
Shane Mercer vs. L.A.W.
Mercer wins

Bluegrass Title Match:
Kurtis Kwik vs. James Kendrick (c)
After an attempted screw over by Eddy Young which is stopped by Josiah Caine Kendrick gets the win and retains the title.

SWE Heavyweight Title Match:
Jordan Kage w/Billy the P vs. Bradzilla
The match started with Billy the P stating that though he was impressed with how much Bradzilla had improved over his short time in the business he was still no where in Jordan Kage league. Jordan out wrestled Bradzilla a majority of the match. Bradzilla caught Jordan off guard and hit Jordan with his finish out of nowhere. The ref was accidently hit while Bradzilla was going for this finishing move. L.A.W. came out and beat down on Bradzilla. Jordan held Bradzilla as L.A.W went to hit him with the book of LAW. Bradzilla ducked and L.A.W nailed Kage. BRADZILLA threw L.A.W out of the ring and went for the pin on Jordan Kage. As the ref made the count Billy jumped on the ref. The match went to a no contest. Jordan and L.A.W beat down on Bradzilla. They set Bradzilla’s head on a chair and grabbed another one. As Jordan raised the chair the lights went out. When they came back up there
stood Justin Storm in the ring to save his brother Bradzilla.
They cleared the ring and Bradzilla got on the mic and challenged the Team of Jordan Kage, L.A.W and Billy the P to a handicap tag match against The Party Animals of Justin Storm and Bradzilla.
Next show will be 12/19/2014
At the SWE Arena. RJ Douglas was away on business and he wasn’t happy when he heard of this and stated that Billy the P will not get involved in the up coming tag match !
Next show will be 12/19/2014
At the SWE Arena.
5122 N Preston Hwy
Shepherdsville Ky 40165


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