12/5 SWE Friday Night Fights Results


Bradzilla and RJ Douglas opened the show and gave the Bluegrass title up ! RJ Douglas stated they were not happy about having to do so , Bradzilla informed everyone that since the Bluegrass title holder was the number 1 contender to the SWE title that who ever wins the Bluegrass title that he was going to be a true challenge !!!!!

First match of the night was Big Zo vs SOS , Big zo was Victorious in a Bluegrass title tourney match

Second Match in the Bluegrass tourney saw James Kendrick defeat Apollo and Kurtis Kwik !!

Match three L.A.W. With Billy the P took a loss from the Iron Demon Shane Mercer

The Fourth match of the night the Finals in the Bluegrass tourney saw James Kendrick become the Bluegrass Champion over Big Zo

The Main Event
Cash Flo
Bradzilla with RJ Douglas
SWE champion

This match went to a 30 minute time limit draw and the fans request another five more minutes and the fans got what they wanted !
Bradzilla was able to retain the SWE title in a very hard fought match !!!

Thanks the SWE Staff
SWE returns to the SWE arena on Dec 12, 2014
5122 N Preston
Shepherdsville Ky 40165


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