Indy Power Rankings for the Week of December 1st, 2014


Indy Power Rankings for the Week of December 1st, 2014

1. Uhaa Nation (@UhaaNation)-This was perhaps the most debated (among the official voters) #1 ranking of all of 2014. Did a 4-1 record warrant a #1 ranking? Whether it was circumstance or the fact that Uhaa Nation is just so damn entertaining, one way or another and for one reason or another, the big man gets his second #1 ranking this week. It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen him in the Top 10 and possibly even longer since his last #1 ranking, but he definitely earned it this week after winning the PCW Heavyweight Title in the UK from Chris Masters (in a match also involving Dave Mastiff). He also picked up wins vs. El Ligero, Tommaso Ciampa, & El Ligero in a 4 Way, Michael Elgin, and Jack Gallagher. His only loss was to Tommaso Ciampa as a result of interference from Chris Masters. This no doubt will help his standing in the IPR 100 (tune in on 12/29, 12/30, and 12/31).

2. Eddie Kingston (@MadKing_ston81)-The former CHIKARA Grand Champion and current AAW Heavyweight Champion has been on a hell of a roll the last several months as he found the Top 10 and this week managed to get a very high ranking after 2 big wins over the weekend. First, he defeated Ethan Page in a bloody dog collar match at AIW on 11/28, then retained the AAW Heavyweight Title in what many called a “Match of the Year Candidate” on 11/29 vs. Keith Walker. 2014 may end up being the year where he starts popping up on every promotion’s radar once again.

3. People’s Champ. Dru Skillz (@DruSkillz)-After just missing out on the Top 10 last week, the Heroes and Legends Champion does NOT miss out twice. He made sure of that by winning the People’s Champ award in the online voting competition with 46 votes after defeating Jayson Maples to retain the title and winning a 16 Man Battle Royal. He has now held that title for over 682 days with big recent wins over Cliff Compton, Carlito, & Al Snow. With a record of 4-0 the last 2 weeks, his time was overdue and (cue John Cena comparison) his time is now. ½ of the Soul Shooters is tearing it up in singles AND in tag team competition this year.

4. Bubblegum-This was a FANTASTIC weekend at PCW (& ROH) as he defeated Paul London on 11/28, then teamed with Team Single to defeat Dave Mastiff, Davfe Rayne, & Mad Man Manson on 11/29, and then finally defeated Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly in a PCW Cruiserweight Title Three Way on 11/29 to retain the title. He had a few mentions in the Top 10 this year, but this was the week where he kicked down the door. His strength of competition along with 3 victories was HUGE for him this week. This may be the ranking that manages to slip him into the IPR 100. Stay tuned…

5. Jake Crist-The Rockstar Pro Champion (and ½ of the D1W & CZW Tag Team Champions…and former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings) continued his impressive 2014 last week as he defeated Bruce Grey on 11/26 to retain the title, then teamed with Nevaeh, Lufisto, Ganger, & Dave Crist to defeat Maverick, Draven, Great American Beast, Samantha Heights, & Mikael in a Survivor Style 10 Person Elimination Tag-Match where all the members of the winning team survived. His run over the past few months has been as impressive as anyone this year. He continues to soar up the IPR 100. Where will he end up?

6. Chris Sabin (@ProjectSabin)-The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion had a solid weekend as he picked up a win vs. Eric Ryan at AIW on 11/28 and then defeated Jimmy Jacobs (by cheap means) at AAW on 11/29. There’s no doubt that his name value and prestige helped him get his ranking this week, but a 2-0 weekend is still good enough to garner a mention. It’s interesting to note that despite how well known and how talented he is, he really hasn’t made much of an impact in the Indy Power Rankings yet. Perhaps this ranking will be the thing that really starts pushing him up the Top 10.

7. Tim Donst (@tdonst)-The AIW Absolute Champion picked up one of the bigger victories of the weekend when he defeated Tyson Dux, Josh Alexander, & Rickey Shane Page on 11/28 to retain the title. 3 big names in one match and Donst came out on top. This isn’t his first time in the Top 10 and he’s doing everything he can to add even more prestige to the title he currently holds as he’s been defending it in other places outside of AIW. Time will tell if he can continue this impressive title reign and run of victories he’s on.

8. Joey Hayes (@TheJoeyHayes)-Very good weekend for someone who had a great shot at #1, had it not been for his one loss on 11/30. His wins included Cedric Alexander, Mark Andrews, Noam Dar, ACH, & Dean Allmark on 11/28 (in a 6 Way), a career win vs. Lance Storm on 11/29, and a win vs. ACH on 11/29 as well. His loss was a 6 Man Tag vs. The Uprising which wasn’t quite enough to push him out of the Top 10 after a very successful weekend. Now that he’s been ranked, he has a good chance of building on that ranking if he can continue to pick up victories in the coming weeks.

9. Matt Cage (@proudcaucasian)-The DREAMWAVE Champion (and former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings) had a 2-0 weekend with one of the biggest wins of his career as he knocked off former #1 (from just a few weeks ago) Johnny Gargano at AAW on 11/29. With the IPR 100 right around the corner, he’s doing his best not only to maintain his high ranking in the year-end list, but to build on it as well. He has a tall task ahead of him with some big shows upcoming.\

10. Davey Vega (@DaveyVega85)-The AIW Intense Champion (and former #1 in the Indy Power Rankings) had a good weekend as like Tim Donst, he successfully defended his title vs. multiple opponents. On 11/28 he defeated Louis Lyndon, Joshua Singh, Veda Scott, Flip Kendrick, & Alex Daniels to continue his title reign. With his surprising #1 ranking earlier this year, he continues to make waves, but the question is, how high can he get in the IPR 100? Just a few weeks left to build up his resume!

1st Honorable Mention.Ivelisse-The former SHINE Champion is right back on the winning track after two wins at AAA in Mexico over the weekend.

2nd Honorable Mention.Gunner-Not often you see a TNA name at or near the Top 10, but he’s been impressive on the indies lately, having won 6 of his last 7 matches outside of TNA.

3rd Honorable Mention. John Wayne Murdoch-The former #1 had a decent 2-1 week last week and was almost catapulted into the Top 10 by his fans who helped him become #2 in the online poll.

Others missing out/receiving votes:
Alex Shelley
Michael Elgin
Reed Bentley
Jimmy Havoc
Chase Brown
Dave Crist
Jim Nye
Matt Xstatic
Justin Overstreet
Shane Mercer
Mickie Knuckles
Damien O’Connor
Scotty O’Shea
Ron Mathis
Eddie Edwards
Ryan Slater
Matt Vengeance
Chris Silvio
Billy Brash
Lei’ D Tapa
John Klinger
Rhia O’Reilly
Jeremy Leary
Chasyn Rance
Kellan Thomas
Rob the Giant
Michael Hayes
Tyler Bate

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