11/26 & 11/27 Rockstar Pro (@RockstarProWres) Amped & Thanksgiving Classic Results

Rockstar Pro “Amped” Results 11/26/14

Jake Omen beat “Darkstar” Matt Taylor by disqualification.

Pompano Joe beat Draven.

Dustin Rayz beat Alex Colon w/JT Davidson by disqualification.

Great American Beast & “Midnite” Matt Ryan beat Duke Beefhammer & G-Force.

Jeremiah beat Mikael.

Big Jim Hutchinson beat Kyle Maverick.

Benjamin Kimera beat Flex Jordan.

Dave Crist beat Ace Perry & Nate Wings in a Triple Threat Match.

Jake Crist beat “True Grit” Bruce Grey to retain the Rockstar Pro Championship.

Rockstar Pro “Thanksgiving Classic” 11/27/14 Results

CW Scott beat Great American Beast.

Lufisto & Ganger beat Samantha Heights & Kyle Maverick.

Dave Crist beat Draven.

Lufisto, Ganger, & OI4K (Jake Crist, Dave Crist, & Nevaeh) beat Kyle Maverick, Draven, Great American Beast, Samantha Heights, & Mikael in a Survivor Style 10 Person Elimination Tag-Match. All members of winning team survived.

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