11/22 PGP Emergency Response 2nd Alarm Results

1. Mallaki Matthews over Mikey McFinnigan
2. Yabo Gustobo over Shane Hollister
3. Team Perfect Addiction ( Lucy Mendez, Perry Winkle, Randy Ray, “Pornstache” Peter Schwanz and Mario Andrew Crivello) over Team Guns and Beer ( Melanie Cruise, Duke Cornell, Joey Anderson, Cousin Gator and Krotch)
4. Justice Jones over JJ Garrett
5. Ricky Morton over Blake Steel
6. Zero Gravity (CJ Esparza and Brett Gakiya) over Team Overkill (Matt Cage and Christian Rose) and Team IOU ( Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful)
7. Yabo Gustobo wins multi man rumble (pinning last remaining opponent Mr. Nice) to win future shot at Mario Andrew Crivello ‘ s Cutting Edge Title
8Β “Dirdey” Jake Dirden over Ruff Crossing to win PGP Franchise Title


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