11/21 XWA (@TheOfficialXWA) Rootin’ Tootin’ Results


From their Facebook:

Results of “Rootin’ Tootin'” last night….

Anthony Stone defeated Dragon Shynron in a Beyond Wrestling Showcase Match.

Anthony Cortez Haynes defeated Scotty Slade

Julian Starr walked away with a huge victory over Biff Busick

Jason Blade was victorious over Shane Strickland and was then unexpectedly met outside by…. AJ Styles! The two shared some heated words and AJ reminded Blade that he WILL be here in RI and ready for the Xtreme Rumble on 1/17!

Team Tremendous picked up the win in their debut match over Donovan Dijack and Warbeard Hanson.

Antonio Atama continues his hot streak with a huge upset victory over TNA’s Robbie E!

The Juicy Product came out on top over Milk Chocolate in a match that attempted to single handedly heat the building.

Tommaso Ciampa retained his XWA Championship over Brian Fury. Julian Star and Donovan Dijack took exception to Fury’s good sportsmanship at the conclusion of this match and interjected themselves, only to find the other end of Fury’s fury. Somethin’s a brewin!

Next up: XWA’s 15th Anniversary Xtreme Rumble Jan 17th!! Stay tuned for more details and follow that event here:


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