11/14 PWAS Detroit Any Given Friday Results

Credit: Tiffany Tilli

Intro: Rivera was talking about the show, but got interrupted by Officer Rod Street, Deputy Dave, and their crew. The cops were talking, but then the lights when out. The Great Akuma was on a corner turnbuckle and threw a fireball, which hit Deputy Dave. The lights came on, Akuma was gone, Deputy Dave got help, and they all went to the back. (Rod Street Vs. Akuma for the Main Event)
Match #1: Chase Matthews (C) Vs. “The One,” Owen Travers Vs. John Wayne Murdoch in a Triple Threat Elimination Match for the PWAS Cruisercore Championship. Matthews eliminated Travers. Then, Matthews pinned Murdoch (after giving him a low blow that the ref didn’t see) to retain the title.
Match #2: The Convict, Jack Thriller Vs. Atlas Hytower. They wrestled, police crew member Chris Moore got up by the ropes, Atlas got thrown into Moore, Thriller hit Atlas, Thriller ran away as the crowd was chanting “Run, Jack, Run!”, and Atlas won via-count out
Match #3: The Viking War Party Vs. “The Threat,” Breyer Wellington and Nate in a Tag Team Match. The Viking War Party won because Breyer and Nate weren’t getting along, which caused them to lose. Nate and Breyer then got into it, so Rivera came out and set up a match between them next month on December 12th.
Match #4: FIA pinned “The Hood Ninja,” Hy Zaya in a 1-on-1 match after hitting Hy Zaya with his briefcase when the ref wasn’t looking. The police crew came out afterward and helped FIA beat up Hy and left Hy laying in the ring.
Match #5: The Mysterious Movado pinned The Viking War Party member Frank Wyatt in a 1-on-1 match.
Match #6: The HammerSteins (“The Hebrew Hammer,” Joseph Schwartz and “Dirty White Boy,” Chuck Stein) both pinned one of The Hooligans (Mason and Devin Cutter) to retain the PWAS Tag Team Chsmpionships.
Match #7 (Main Event): “Officer” Rod Street (C) Vs. The Great Akuma in a Lumberjack Match for the PWAS Championship. Thriller came out towards the end of the match and hit Akuma. So, Rod Street retained the PWAS Title. Then, the rest of the police crew came out and beat up Thriller for running away earlier.
***The next PWAS show is Friday, December 12th. It’s their Toys For Tots show.

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