11/14 MCW (@MCWWrestling) Autumn Armageddon Tour – Night 1 Results


MCW Rage Television Title Match
Chuck Lennox (c) defeats Brandon Scott

Singles Match
Rick Powers defeats Andrew Steele

MCW Women’s Title Match
Amber Rodriguez (c) defeats Jessie Kaye

MCW Tag Team Title Match
Napalm Bomb & Solo (c) defeat Buck Chyld & G-Fed

Singles Match
Li Green defeats Hocus

Tag Team Match
Joe & The Bruiser defeat Justin Schlegel & Ryan McBride

MCW Heavyweight Title Falls Count Anywhere No Count Out No Disqualification Match
Drolix (c) defeats Christian York

11/14 JCW (@JCWProWrestling) J-Cup 2014 Results

Photo: It is the first time in 20 years of promoting that I am taking something as personal as this and feeling the need to let the fans know the truth. 

Many people have pointed out that indy wrestling is struggling to draw fans and how this might be the lowest point for indy wrestling since the early 80's. Most of the blame is always thrown on the promoters, as they are blamed for not selling tickets or failing to promote the event properly. There are certainly times that this is 100% accurate and truthful but there are some other occasions when the talent fails to live up to their part of an agreement and this is one of them.

This Friday marks the return of the Jersey Championship Wrestling Jersey J-Cup, A tournament made famous by the likes of AJ Styles, CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Low Ki, Billy Fives, Colt Cabana, Reckless Youth, Scoot Andrews, Homicide and so many more. This Friday in Manville, NJ, the Jersey J-Cup Tournament is featuring the likes of Chris Sabin, Sabu, Brian Myers (Formerly known as Curt Hawkins) and many more independent wrestling stars. 

Shortly after announcing the original lineup for the event, JCW was contacted by Davey Richards, informing us that the American Wolves they would be in the area and looking for a booking on the evening of the JCUP. JCW quickly agreed to the terms asked for by the Wolves and rearranged the roster to ensure the best possible show for the fans coming to the event. Once the money was agreed to, the airline tickets were paid for and the posters reprinted by JCW, JCW started promoting that The Wolves would be participating in the Jersey J-Cup.

Late last night, Tuesday November 11 – three days before the show - I received a call from a JCW employee that the Wolves have decided to not work the event and were telling people it was because they were not secured a hotel room. I can assure you that in 20 years of promoting that I have not stiffed a wrestler. There was even a time I drove to car cash to sell my truck for the boys to be paid - never mind stiff guys on a hotel room. After some hard work on the phones by the guys in the JCW offices, we found out that the Wolves were selling their services to the highest bidders now that they were in the New York area – despite the face that we agreed upon terms, and that they were being advertised by and flown in on JCW’s dime. 

The list of talent used in 2014 alone in JCW is a who's who of pro wrestling. Talent like the Dudley Boys, Mick Foley, Jake “the Snake” Roberts, Tommy Dreamer and so many more. None of them were stiffed. All of them were paid before they wrestled or appeared… and all were more than great with JCW and the fans. 

The fact that talent is to blame might be rare but in this instance the Wolves really look silly.

The question is asked why take a booking if you don't want to honor it? Why make a promotion advertise you for over a month if your not going? The Wolves are wrong in this case and really pissed this old man off.  It’s unfortunate that they've burned yet another bridge with yet another company.

I hate to disappoint the fans. I hate advertising a talent not to have them show. I understand that this isn't the first time this particular team has pulled this stunt. Now it is up to the promoters to not book carny crap on shows. 

-Ricky O
Jersey Championship WrestlingJersey J-Cup 2014 First Round Elimination Match
Chris Sabin defeats Bandido Jr. and Brian Myers and Grim Reefer

Jersey J-Cup 2014 First Round Elimination Match
Joey Janela defeats Jaka and Lance Anoai and Steve Scott

Jersey J-Cup 2014 First Round Elimination Match
Teddy Hart defeats Frightmare and Jigsaw and Shane Strickland

Jersey J-Cup 2014 First Round Elimination Match
Chris Dickinson defeats Lucky 13 and Pinkie Sanchez and Sabu

Jersey J-Cup 2014 Semi Final Match
Joey Janela defeats Shane Strickland

Jersey J-Cup 2014 Semi Final Match
Chris Dickinson defeats Chris Sabin

Tag Team Match
Eric Corvis & Myke Quest defeat Cono & Nate Mustang

Jersey J-Cup 2014 Final Match

Chris Dickinson defeats Joey Janela

11/14 IWE (@IWEMaine) Results


Credit: Randy Carver Jr.
IWE Results:
1. “The Maverick” Damien Black def. Matthew King
2. “Rugged” Ric Daniels def. “Flash” Nick McKenna
3. The Tenacious Two def. The Hollywood Bombers
4. “The Celtic Destroyer” Sean Killian def. “Mean” Mark Mahoney
5. Scotty Vegas def. “Da HEY Man” Eric Johnson to retain the IWE Championship