WrestleForce ‘All or Nothing 2’ Results 11/2/14



Thanks to James ‘Strongstyle’ Shaver of Pro Wrestling Carolinas on Facebook for results.

All or Nothing 2
The Hangar
Cayce, SC

WrestleForce Heavyweight Title #1 Contender Tournament

Round 1

Billy Brash def Ethan Case

BJ Hancock def Zane Riley

Jaxson James def Elijah Evans IV

Brady Pierce & Hexx were both counted out & are eliminated from the tournament.

Non Tournament action

The Flock (Lodi & Sick Boy) def The Bravado Brothers to become new WrestleForce Tag Team Champions ***TITLE CHANGE***

Semi-Finals # 1 Contender Tournament

Jaxson James advanced defeating Billy Brash

BJ Hancock had a bye due to the earlier double countout


Jaxson James def BJ Hancock to become new #1 contender to the WrestleForce Championship

WrestleForce Champion Cedric Alexander and ‘The Southern Savior’ John Skyler again fought to a time limit draw, this time going 45 minutes without a winner.

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Pro Wrestling NOW ‘Now Or Never’ 11/1/14 (Debut Show)


‘The Rated G Superstar’ Mary Elizabeth Monroe def Sidney Black via submission. Some type of choke hold

Moose def Ethan Case & Elijah Evans IV via DQ after a chair shot

Drew Myers def Joshua Cutshall with a overhead belly to belly after a low blow

Rob Killjoy def Billy Brash with a J-Driller

PWN returns 12/27 w/ a VIP meet & greet featuring Shane Helms

John Skyler def Jaxson James with the sliced bread #2
– James had Skyler beat but his foot was on the rope & the match restarted.

Cedric Alexander def BJ Whitmer with the lumbar check

ANX (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) def Los Ben Dejos via DQ after Cruz pulled the ref out of the ring

Trans-South Wrestling 11/1/14

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Vinnie Valentine defeated Chris Norris.

Josh Powers defeated Garrett Sinclair

Alex Avgerinos defeated Kameron Kade with a variation of the “Twist of Fate.”

“ChemicalZ” TK STark and Jett Black defeated Hardcore Hunter Thompson and ‘The Puerto Rican Lion’ Eric Adamz  but after the match, Thompson and Adamz attacked the young team, giving a piledriver and powerbomb through a table.

Chase “Cauliflower” Brown defeated ‘The King of Old School” Steve Corino  via submission in a hard fought battle

1/2 of the TSW Tag Champions Deon Johnson def The Stro to win the TSW Heavyweight title for the 3rd time. TSW apologizes for the after match antics of Alex Avgerinos who burned the new champion with a fireball. Johnson will be out of action for several weeks with an eye injury. ****TITLE CHANGE****


Trans South Wrestling returns to Gaffney, SC at the Broad River Electric Auditorium 11/15 for ‘Hardcore Boogie’ with special guests and WWE Hall of Famers Mick Foley & Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant.


CWF Mid-Atlantic “FallOut” 11/1/14



Thank you to @cwfmidatlantic the official twitter of CWF Mid-Atlantic for results



ARIK ROYAL def. MARCELLUS KING in a hard hitting opening contest

“THE ASSASSIN” RAY KANDRACK def. CHET STERLING, CHASE DAKOTA and DARIUS LOCKHART in a one fall four corner survival match

COACH GEMINI approached the ring after the bout and attempted to patch things up between Kandrack and the rest of All Stars, insisting that the All Stars need Kandrack for Ultimate Survivor where they are slated for the Triathlon Survivor Match against Brad Attitude, Brad Rainz and Ric Converse, the Original Dynasty. Kandrack was noncommittal and left ringside without answering the Coach’s plea.

BRAD ATTITUDE w/ WILLIAM CROSS def. WALTER EATON w/ COACH GEMINI by pinfall in a grudge match. WILLIAM CROSS announced that he would be “coaching” the Dynasty at Ultimate Survivor and accompanied BRAD to the ring tonight, who continues on his quest to eliminate every one of the All Stars.

Mid-Atlantic Television Champion MANNY GARCIA def. CHRIS LEA to retain the title after a questionable “accident” where Garcia threw Lea into the ropes at an awkward angle and Lea crotched himself on the top rope. The referee ruled it accidental and Garcia capitalized on his injured opponent, who had to be helped to the back.

Mid-Atlantic Tag-Team Champions JASON MILLER & NICK RICHARDS survived a six-team gauntlet to retain the championship, defeating MARK JAMES & JIMMY PARKER (THE BRUTES) in the final fall.

Full results of the gauntlet saw: KILLBILLIES def. DONNIE DOLLARS & AARON BIGGS, MECHA MERCENARY & MICHAEL MCALLISTER w/ “DANGEROUS E” COREY EDSEL def. KILLBILLIES, MECHA & MCALLISTER w/ EDSEL def. SMITH GARRETT & CHARLIE WESTON, BRUTES def. MECHA & MCALLISTER, RICHARDS & MILLER def. BRUTES. Edsel interfered on behalf of Mecha & McAllister constantly until a wild brawl broke out between the E-lliance, Killbillies and Smith & Weston that helped the Brutes turn the tide and ultimately advance to face the champions.

Former Ultra J Champion LANCE LUDE addressed the fans and made no excuses about losing the championship two weeks ago to ETHAN CASE. He informed the crowd that he was suffering from a concussion as a result of the knockout blow that won Case the championship and that while he wanted to wrestle tonight, he was taking the advice of management to “sit out” but would be back for Case in the future. LEE VALIANT interrupted and goaded Lude into a fight that went all over the building and ended when Valiant executed the sliced bread # 2 on Lude with a chair wrapped around Lude’s head. Lude was carried from the building and we are awaiting word on his condition.

The War rages on between CWF Mid-Atlantic and Evolution Pro Wrestling!!!
REED BENTLEY of Evolution Pro Wrestling appeared on the big screen and challenged CWF Mid-Atlantic to Steel Cage Warfare for Ultimate Survivor on November 15th. Bentley reiterated that the wrestlers from the midwest were every bit as good as the Mid-Atlantic’s finest and offered an added stipulation to Steel Cage Warfare: if Evolution Pro wins, HALF of Battlecade XV, our anniversary super card in December, will be taken over by Evolution Pro. Before Bentley could finish ARIK ROYAL interrupted and demanded the taped message be shut off. Royal brought up that he would have retained the Mid-Atlantic Championship on the fateful night he lost it to Roy Wilkins if not for the group from Evolution Pro and Royal said not only would he lead his team in the Torneo Cibernetico but he volunteered to wrestle twice and lead the CWF team into Steel Cage Warfare. He then challenged everyone else on the roster and especially RIC CONVERSE to step up and join the cause.

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion ROY WILKINS w/ COACH GEMINI def. TREVOR LEE w/ CHET STERLING in a grueling 43-minute Submission or KO Only No Ropes Match to retain the championship. Trevor’s knee was injured during the course of the match and Wilkins capitalized, locking submission hold after submission hold on Trevor’s bad leg until he was FORCED TO TAP OUT. This was an unbelievable match that we hope to make available to you soon on http://www.YouTube.com/CWFMidAtlantic.

So the stage is set for Ultimate Survivor on Saturday November 15 LIVE at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium:


Team TREVOR LEE vs. Team ARIK ROYAL in the 8 on 8 Torneo Cibernetico.


REED BENTLEY leads EVOLUTION PRO WRESTLING into STEEL CAGE WARFARE against a CWF team captained by ARIK ROYAL with the fate of Battlecade XV on the line!


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Flatline Pro Wrestling 11/1/14

Flatline Pro Wrestling 11/1/14

Thanks to the official twitter of Flatline Pro for results. Give them a follow @Flatline_Pro

Oz Knight def David Coleman

Shane Hexxon def Kid Riot via DQ after Brandon Parker attacked Hexxon to end the match.

‘The Alabama Ambassador’ Jacoby Boykins def Mikey G

Members of The Rapture (Damoan Rashad & David Yale) def Ken Lee & Adrian Davis

CB Suave def Seth Delay

The leader of The Rapture Anthony Henry def Da Fireman to win the Flatline Pro heavyweight title in a crazy main event marred with interference after a curb stomp on the title. ****TITLE CHANGE****