10/25 WWP results

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World Wrestling Professionals Results (10/25) from Aliwal North, South Africa (in conjunction with African Punishment Wrestling Association)

Credit: Leon Muston


Morning show:

1. Jay Austen (returning after long absence) def. The Ripper

2. Zizou Middoux def. Christopher James Edwards and Dragon Boy in a triple threat.

3. Mr Wrestling def. The Renegade by DQ when APWA Tag Champs Dirty Jackson and Two Face (Dementors of Chaos) interfered

4. Tornado def.ย  The Loudmouth by DQ when Dementors of Chaos interfered again.

APWA general manager Ananzi announced the Dementors would face Mr Wrestling and Tornado in the afternoon session.

Afternoon session:

5. The Loudmouth def. Dragon Boy (Christopher James Edwards caused distraction)

6. Zizou Middoux def. The Renegade

7. Non-title tag team match: Tornadoย & Mr Wrestling def African Punishment Wrestling Association Tag Team Champions Dementors of Chaos (Dirty Jackson & Two Face)

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