10/25 PWK Results

Results Show #141
HalloweenMania 1 1.Ox Baker Jr. b The Team of Dos Super Estrellas
2.Jymmy W won the 1st ever Brawl Trophy by defeating Anthony Toatele, Chuck Stiles, Chris Rains, and the Sun Daemon.
3.Roger Lanier b. Musso to become the newly reinstated Northern States Title winner
4..Team Legendary b. The Quick Brothers
4.Big Daddy Dean b. Steven Drochner
5.The 10th Wonders b. Bold N Gold to become the new tag team champions
6.Osyris b. Lightning Bolt to remain the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion as he put up the title against Bolt to get him to wrestle him. Osyris also choke slammed Gregory the Gorilla earlier that evening after a celebration of sorts, as Gregory found out by DNA test that he was indeed the father of Griffin Gary, and would go on to mean that Georgina would accept his hand in marriage. The celebration wouldn’t last long. Osyris came out looked to congratulate Gregory only to choke slam him straight to hell.
7.Brutus Dylan b. Kevin Storm, Lance Storie, and Steven Drochner to become the new PWK Heavyweight champion.


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