10/25 Anarchy Wrestling Fright Night Results

Photo: Tonight's the night for a fright and a fight. ANARCHY Wrestling's FRIGHT NIGHT 2014 @ 8pm in Cornelia, GA. All matches in the steel cage. Tix $15. Call 706-768-9071 to reserve now!

Anarchy Young Lions Title Escape The Cage Match
Joey Rhymer (c) defeats Jarrett Foster and Kevin Blue and Lars Manderson and Supernatural (9:49)

Anarchy Tag Team Title Four Way Elimination Match
The Washington Bullets (Jon Williams & Trey Williams) defeat Bobby Moore & Todd Sexton (c) and The Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) and Joe Black & William Huckaby – TITLE CHANGE !!! (18:53)

Anarchy Heavyweight Title Seven Man Turmoil Match
BJ Hancock (w/Miss Rachael) (c) defeats Billy Buck and Brodie Chase and CB Suave and Mike Posey and Slim J and Stryknyn (37:22)

Anarchy Television Title Fatal Four Way Match
Todd Sexton defeats Tommy Penirelli (c) and Anthony Henry and Gunner – TITLE CHANGE !!! (10:56)Β΄

War Games Match
Azrael, Geter & Mikael Judas defeat Iceberg, Jagged Edge & Se7en (w/Jeff G. Bailey) (23:11)


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