10/24 SWE Shut Up and Fight Results


Two year Anniversary show
Oct 24 , 2014
Shut up and Fight
Open Challenge night

Show started with the Douglas Brothers , RJ introduced Hardcore and they thanked everyone for the last two years

First match of the Night was The Bronze God Lennox Norris getting the win over Misfits member Kurtis Kwik ,the rest of the Misfits attacked Lennox.
Showtime Apollo and Big Zo came out to help Lennox

Apollo and Big Zo challenged the Misfits to a tag match , the misfits accepted but there was three misfits with the new edition of Corey Havic along with James Kendrick and Josiah Caine!
Apollo and Big Zo gained there own tag part in the Saints member Bradzilla.
Apollo spice This match up by making it Tornado rules , this match was wild and all over the place !
Apollo , Big Zo and Bradzilla got a very hard fought Win !!

Third Challenge of the Night was from the Iron Demon as he wanted to take on SWE new comer and Misfits member SOS Shade O’Satu in a Last Man Standing Match !
The Iron Demon was Victorious, this wasn’t a easy victory! This was one of the more brutal matches in SWE History !!!

Bradzilla with RJ Douglas of the Saints Challenged Nick Doepp for the Bluegrass Championship ! Before the bell rang Nick Doepp came to the ring with Picture Perfect Jordan Kage and they jumped Bradzilla , RJ went and got Cash Flo !
SWE has a New Bluegrass Champion in one of the best matches in Bradzilla short career!

In the Main Event Cash Flo wanted any opportunity to capture the SWE Championship so he Challenged Picture Perfect Jordan Kage !
Through out the match and with some cheating tactics with the help of Nick Doepp it looked like Jordan Kage was going to retain the SWE Champoinship but SWE Has A New Champion in Cash Flo !!!

SWE Staff


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