10/18 PGP Movie House Mayhem 2 Results


From their Facebook:

Thank You PGP fans, Lawford Theater, in ring talent and entire crew!!! What a great night of action!!! Movie House Mayhem 2 was an amazing night of wrestling, here are some quick results:
Bonus match) “Drop Dead” Dale Wylde defeats Surge Idol and Mike Outlaw
1)Mr. Nice Defeats Danny Adams
2)Lucy Mendez and Randy Ray defeat Guns and Beer(Duke Cornell and Cousin Gator)
3)“Pornstache”Peter Schwanz defeats “Mega” Chris Jones and Remi Wilkins
4)Mario Andrew Crivello(New Cutting Edge Champion) defeats Louis Lyndon
5)“Dirdey” Jake Dirden defeats Justice Jones
6)John Wayne Murdoch defeats Blake Steel
7)Team IOU defeats Yabo and Grin
8)Ruff Crossing defeats Tommaso Ciampa to retain the PGP Franchise Championship


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