10/10 SWE ”Friday Night Fights” Results

OCT 10, 2014

The Misfit Toys vs
The SWE Saints Bradzilla and Hardcore Douglas w/ RJ Douglas
This match went to a double count out when the match spilled out to the floor ! The Rest of the Misfits came out as did Cash Flo

Returning to SWE Bob Murdock vs Cash Flo as soon as Cash got the win The Misfits jumped Cash Flo but the Saints came out and ran them off with Chairs ! Bob Murdock joined the Misfits !!

Elimination Tag Match

Apollo, Big Zo , Kurtis Kwik , S.O.S. Took on Nick Doepp , Jay Taylor , Corey Havik and President Jason Caine

Everyone had been Eliminated besides Apollo and Kurtis Kwik on one side and Nick Doepp and President Caine , Apollo laid Kurtis out and President Caine got the win for his team !!!!

Triple Threat Match

Lennox Norris was Victorious over Dustin Rayz and Shane Mercer

Main Event for the SWE title

Nick Iggy vs Jordan Picture Perfect Kage w/ Billy The P

Jordan Kage Retained the SWE title !!!!

After the Show the Misfits Left President Caine laying in the middle of the ring and the SWE Saints came out and one Heck of a Fight happen !!!



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