10/4 PPW #37 Results



Genesis def. “The Love Machine” Matt Longtime

Before the Something-to-Prove Challenge Gauntlet, the World Tag Team Champions “Mr. Intensity” Alex Bernadino & “The World Exclusive” Matt Vine interrupted the ring announcer to inform the Premier Planet that, due to a broken wrist, Vine would be unable to defend the titles with his partner and both called for the cancellation of their match later in the evening. However, Premier CEO “Rockin'” Randy Ricci told both men that the match would proceed as planned and that the winner of the Something-to-Prove Challenge would be rewarded by being teamed up with Alex Bernadino to defend the titles in Vine’s place.

“Irish” Andy Anderson won the Something-to-Prove Challenge Gauntlet by last eliminating “The Juggernaut” Kahlid Chapman thanks to an assist by “The Incredible” Atlas J. Horn who took to the ring, chokeslammed the referee, and proceeded to pummel a helpless Chapman with some type of foreign object.

World Tag Team Championship
“Mr. Intensity” Alex Bernadino & “Irish” Andy Anderson (w/ “The World Exclusive” Matt Vine) (c) def. Cutt 2 Da Chase (“The Urban Rebellion” Cutta Crosby & Chase Gosling)

After the match, Vine and Bernadino took exception to the fact that Andy decided to celebrate the win with one of the title belts and proceeded to beat down their substitute partner.

Triple Threat Heritage Championship
Chris Classic (c) def. “The Cornfed Colossus” Michael Mack & Outlaw Jay thanks in part to outside interference from “Elite” E.J. Jensen

World Heavyweight Championship
“The Persian Powerhouse” Milad Akbar (c) def. Matt Dewar


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