10/4 14th Annual CWF Mid-Atlantic (@cwfmidatlantic) Rumble Results


Credit: Jer Polk

CWF Mid-Atlantic 14th Annual CWF Rumble
Gibsonville, NC

Kickoff Show

“The Army of One” Marcellus King def Donnie Dollars with a spear.

Smith & Weston def Walter Eaton & Ray Kandrack when RGL champ Charlie Weston pinned Kandrack w/ a schoolboy roll.

Lee Valiant interrupted a celebration prior to the show and CWF Commissioner Brad Stutts said the two of them as friends, or anything is through and the last word he has to say is Valiant WILL be in the CWF Rumble later in the night because he wants to put on the best show possible and no one can take away from what Valiant does in the ring.

Main show

Arik Royal def “Dangerous E” Corey Edsel in a no DQ match with a brass knuckles shot. Royal qualifies for the Rumble, Edsel is out.

Nick Richards & Jason Miller def The Killbillies to win the CWF Mid-Atlantic tag team championships. when Miller pinned Andrews with a DDT. ***TITLE CHANGE****

CWF Mid-Atlantic Champion Roy Wilkins def Chet Sterling with an innovative small package hooking his feet on the ropes and PLENTY of interference from Coach Gemini.

Brad Stutts announced he had not heard from Cedric Alexander since 5:00 and his match with Manny Garcia could not be pushed back anymore. Stutts said the only way to replace one of the best wrestlers in the world was with another one. Trevor Lee!

Trevor Lee and CWF Mid-Atlantic TV champ Manny Garcia fought to a 10 minute draw. By rule Garcia retains his title.

Lance Lude won the 14th Annual CWF Rumble Match in 110 minutes! Last eliminating Lee Valiant. With this HUGE win Lude, the current PWI International Ultra J Champ may now challenge for ANY championship under the PWI banner.

Final 4: Lude, Valiant, Trevor Lee, & Ric Converse

Full Order of entry & (Eliminated By)
1. Michael McCallister (Cecil Scott)
2. Nick Richards (Garrett)
3. Jordan Flyght (Chase Dakota)
4. Jesse Adler (Mecha Mercenary)
5. Mecha Mercenary
6, Charlie Weston (Mecha)
7. Chase Dakota (Rainz)
8. Cecil Scott (Mecha)
9. Jason Miller (Mecha)
10. Ethan Alexander Sharpe (Biggs)
11. Brad Rainz (McBride)
12. Rob McBride (Sis)
13. Smith Garrett (Sis)
14. Sis (Aaron Biggs)
15. Court Montgomery (Sis)
16. Aaron Biggs (Kandrack)
17. Walter Eaton (Kandrack)
18. Trevor Lee (Valiant)
19. Donnie Dollars (Kandrack)
20. Sterling Williams (Dollars)
21. Ray Kandrack (Trevor Lee)
22. Wesley James (Trevor Lee)
23. Marcellus King (Arik Royal)
24. Lee Valiant (Lance Lude)
25. Chris Lea (Garcia- post his own elimination)
26.Lance Lude WINNER!!!!
27. Arik Royal (Ric Converse)
28. Brandon Day (Arik Royal)
29. Ric Converse (Trevor Lee)
30. Manny Garcia (Lea)

CWF continues the road to BattleCade in 2 weeks Oct. 18 at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium.


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