9/27 GSW (@GSWrestling) Blackjack Brawl Results


GSW results, September 27, Moosic, PA

1) Steve McKenzie won the Blackjack Brawl, last eliminating Stevie Shields. With the win, McKenzie earned a GSW Heavyweight Title shot in the main event.

2) Hollywood’s Finest (Jason Furious and Nick Hammore, w/Chio Frost) defeated Roc City Warriors (Mattick and Mr. Milliman)

3) Kevin Graham defeated AJ Evers (w/Tom Floyd)

4) GSW Adrenaline Champion Mark Maverick defeated Mike Marvel to retain the title

5) Axel Lennox defeated Dick Justice

6) Sweet Sensation (Sweet Bobby G and “Flawless” Clay Drasher, w/Tom Floyd) defeated The Diamond City Kings (Matt Turner and Mike Vaughn) to win the GSW Tag Team Titles

7) Jay Freddie defeated Stigma

8) GSW Heavyweight Champion Brute VanSlyke defeated Steve McKenzie to retain the title

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