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CWF Mid-Atlantic Kids Night Results 9/6/14

RGL champ Charlie Weston def Chase Dakota w/ a cross arm breaker. Dakota pinned Weston w/ powder in the eyes but Converse came out & told the ref.

The Dangerous E-lliance (Corey Edsel, Michael McCallister & Mecha Mercenary) def Darius Lockhart, Court Montgomery & Jesse Adler.

The Assassin Ray Kandrack def MIA w/ a reverse F5

Trevor Lee def Donnie Dollars with a small package.

The Killbillies def Nick Richards & Jason Miller to retain the CWF mid Atlantic tag titles.

Lance Lude def Chet Sterling by submission w/ The Cristo to retain his PWI Ultra J Championship.

Brad Attitude, Arik Royal & Amy Love def CWF mid Atlantic champ Roy Wilkins, Walter Eaton & Coach Gemini when Weaver Cup winner Attitude pinned Wilkins w/ a zig zag. Post match The Goon Squad attacked Attitude and Coach pile drove Amy Love. The Dangerous E-lliance had taken Royal to the back earlier in the match.

CWF Mid-Atlantic returns Sept. 13 w/ Fans Choice. Visit http://www.CWF247.com for details.