Indy Power Rankings for the Week of July 28th, 2014

Chase Owens

Indy Power Rankings for the Week of July 28th, 2014

1. Chase Owens – 12-0-3, let that sink in. The current NWA Junior Heavyweight Champion has been undefeated through the past 2 weeks dominating the competition! A single #1 wasn’t enough for this man as he continued his streak and made it almost impossible for anyone to vote against him for the second straight week.

2. Jason Kincaid – The first of our insane week records begins with a familiar face on the IPR polls! The current NWA Smoky Mountain Heavyweight Champion, a man known for big victories in the past continues his track record with a big 6-0 week defeating some names including Sigmon, Bobby Collins, Travis Cole, AJ Sanchez & Mike Mission. With the combination of this and his recent successful tour, we can only imagine what’s in this mans future.

3. Kongo Kong – Any other week and the current IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Champion would have easily been our clear cut #1 (he even was the fan poll #1), but with some insane records in the way, Kongo Kong moves up just one spot in the Top 10! He had a big 3-0 week with a title defense at IWA over BJ Whitmer/Shane Mercer, along with 2 other wins over Necro Butcher (at JCW on 7/26) as well as a big handicap match win (at JCW on 7/25). We can only imagine dominance continuing in this big man’s future!

4. Reed Bentley – Speaking of having a big year, the current EPW Elite Champion continues his huge year picking up 2 of the biggest wins of his career over the week defeating Ricky Morton (at EPW on 7/24) & Simon Dean (at 7/25 at IWA)! He also added onto that big week being apart of a big 8 man tag win on the same night as his win over Ricky Morton. The former #IPRLive guest proclaimed some big goals when he was on earlier this year and it’s safe to say he’s following up on them! 

5. Kyle O’Reilly – The current ROH Tag Team Champion as well as the PWG World Champion picks up 2 victories this week including a big PWG title defense on 7/26 v. Chris Hero! He also defeated Jeremy Wyatt at St. Louis Anarchy on 7/25 to solidify a ranking this week. Holding both these titles will only continue the uprise for this very successful Canadian!

6. Tommaso Ciampa – The former ROH TV Champion gets into the Top 10 by picking up 2 big victories at both PWG & Beyond. At PWG on 7/26, he defeated 1/2 of the Forever Hooligans, Rocky Romero then went on to defeat Drew Gulak in a European Rules Match at Beyond on 7/27! Big weekend for the “Sicilian Psychopath” after going through a bit of a slump lately.

7. Crazy Sexy Mike – A name that hasn’t popped up on our Top 10 ever but what a way to make a mark on your first ranking. Mike won 3 matches in 1 night to become the #1 contender to the GSW Heavyweight Title on 7/26! Not only did he put European wrestling on notice, but he also put us on notice.

8. Davey Vega – The current AIW Intense Champion gets into the Top 10 after a solid 2-0 weekend. He defeated Christian Rose at St. Louis Anarchy on 7/25 before going onto defeat Jasmin to retain his championship at AIW on 7/26! A very successful weekend for Vega and with him keeping that championship, we can only imagine many more.

9. Josh Alexander – It may have been only one appearance for the “Walking Weapon” this week but in true Josh Alexander form, he went on to defeat 4 competitors in 1 match in an open challenge he offered at BKPW on 7/26! A big year only continues for 1/2 of the Monster Mafia and with his upcoming shot at the AIW Absolute Title, we can only imagine seeing Alexander’s name more on our radar.

10. Hudson Envy – Who says girls can’t kick ass & take names? The current AWS Women’s Champion does & gets into the Top 10 after defeating LuFisto to retain her championship on 7/25! After this big victory, we can only imagine what’s on the horizon.

Honorable Mention – John Wayne Murdoch: Despite the tremendous fan support, being #2 in the fan poll wasn’t enough to squeeze JWM into the Top 10 this week! It may have been the Deathmatch Rumble loss at JCW that cost him a spot after defeating Josh Crane at EPW on 7/24 as well as being apart of a 6 man tag win at IWA on 7/25. With that said, don’t count this former #IPRLive guest off our radar anytime soon!

Others missing out/receiving votes:

Seleziya Sparx – #3 in the fan poll

Veda Scott – #9 in the fan poll

Arik Royal

Big Daddy Walter

Marcus Anthony

Ethan Page

Trevor Lee

Joe Black

Moshpit Mike

Adam Revolver

Johnny Gargano

Bobby Fish

Michael Elgin – #10 in the fan poll


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