7/5 D1W Put Your Fists Up Results


Mitch Johnson beat Kharn Alexander

‪Anthony Lee def. Zakk Spadez

Nevaeh def. Samantha Heights

Matt Atreya def. Aidan Blackhart by Disqualification

‪Alex Colon def. Austin Bradley by CountOut

‪Apollo def. Micas Silva

‪Kyle Maverick vs. 2 Tuff Tony goes to a Time Limit Draw the 1st time then the 2nd time, they went to a Double CountOut

‪Mister Eros & Bombastic Bruce def. Remi Wilkins & Austin Bradley

‪”Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto def. “Crazy” Mary Dobson

‪Aaron Williams & Ron Mathis def. Alex Colon & Jake Crist to retain the D1W Tag Team Championships

D1W Heavyweight Champion Mad Man Pondo defeated Tracy Smothers in a fans lumberjack strap match to retain the title.

7/5 Leicester Championship Wrestling ‘Summertime’ Results

Credit: http://wrestleropesuk.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/leicester-championship-wrestling-summertime-results-new-champion/

The following results are from Leicester Championship Wrestling ‘Summertime’ at Brockington College, Enderby, Leicester on July 5th 2014:

Mark Massa defeated Joseph Connors by Pinfall.

Mark Haskins defeated Jurgen Heimlich by Pinfall.

Jack Starz & Jimmy Meadows defeated Cooper Nation 2.0 (Mark Massa & TK Hayward) by Pinfall.

LCW Tag Team Championship – Max Angelus & Barricade defeated The Hunter Bros by Pinfall to become the new LCW Tag Team Champions. *NEW CHAMPION*

Paul Malen defeated Stixx by Pinfall.

LCW Heavyweight Championship – Alex Gracie defeated Kris Travis by Pinfall to retain the LCW Heavyweight Championship.

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7/4 PROGRESS Wrestling ‘Sonisphere Festival’ Night One Results

Credit: http://wrestleropesuk.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/progress-wrestling-sonisphere-festival-night-one-results/#more-8276

The following results are from PROGRESS Wrestling Sonisphere Festival Night One at The Satellite Stage on July 4th at Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire on July 4th 2014:

Rampage Brown defeated Michael Gilbert by Pinfall.

Six-Man Tag Team – The London Riots & Rhia O’Reilly defeated FSU & Addy Starr by Pinfall.

Weapons Match – Jimmy Havoc defeated T-Bone by Pinfall.

Marty Scurll defeated Grado by Pinfall.

Dave Mastiff defeated Mark Haskins by Pinfall.

7/4 Grand Pro Wrestling “Dangerzone” Results

Credit: http://wrestleropesuk.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/grand-pro-wrestling-dangerzone-results/

The following results are from Grand Pro Wrestling ‘Dangerzone’ at The Rose Club, Hindley, Wigan on July 4th 2014:

Alex Jones-Casey and The Bad Lads opened the show with Jones-Casey’s Anti-Violence Message which was interrupted by Cyanide and Ste Binn Man of Toxic Waste & Joe Vega. A six-man tag team match was announced.

Six-Man Tag Team – Toxic Waste & Joe Vega defeated Alex Jones-Casey & The Bad Lads by Pinfall.

Ricky J McKenzie defeated Nick Maguire by Pinfall.

Nate Travis Appreciation Speech – Nate Travis thanked the fans and promised to kick DDL’s arse.

El Ligero & CJ Banks defeated Dylan Roberts & Martin Kirby by Pinfall.

During the raffle, Sexy Kev & Lana Austin announced they were getting married.

The Island Bros defeated Track & Field (Mike Track & Jim Nastic) by Pinfall.

Ashton Smith defeated Zack Gibson by Pinfall.

The Cause’s Official Announcement – The Cause announced that they shall hold a funeral for the GPW Championship at ‘ThunderBrawl’.

Joey Hayes defeated DDL by Disqualification after DDL refused to break an STF.

Following the match, Nate Travis came to attack DDL but was held back by the roster.

7/5 Dragon Gate Results

Credit: http://www.iheartdg.com

07/05 RAINBOW GATE – 2014 Jul 05
7/5/2014 Hiroshima, Fukuyama Big Rose
0. Ryotsu Shimizu (4:11 Kamearikouenmae Crab) U-T
1. Shingo Takagi, Uhaa Nation{W} (11:06 Uhaa Combination) BxB Hulk, “Mr. High Tension” Kotoka{L}
2. Akira Tozawa (6:23 Disqualified for attacking the referee) Punch Tominaga
3. T-Hawk, Flamita{W} (10:32 Flame Fly) Genki Horiguchi H.A.Gee.Mee!!, Jimmy Kagetora{L}
4. CIMA, Dragon Kid{W} (14:10 Bible) Jimmy Susumu, Jimmy Kanda{L}
5. Masato Yoshino, Ricochet, Shachihoko BOY{W} (17:33 Moonsault Press) YAMATO, Naruki Doi, Kzy{L}

Tominaga has made a quick adaptation to MAD BLANKEY, using numerous illegal tactics until he finally got himself DQ’d. Doi introduced him as the King of Cheating Punch Tominaga. Tominaga reiterated his intentions of taking out Takagi.