7/1 Tigerfest 2014 Results

Tigerfest Quick Results :

Refs : Harry D, Volino, Bang Bang Pete

Notables In Attendance : Soulman Ricky Johnson, Scott D’Amore, Rob Fuego, Bob Kupur, Channing Decker & Trent Gibson of the Fraternity, Rabbi Ronnie Gaffe.

4 Way Match : Preston Myles def. Alex Vega via rollup also in the match Brent Banks & Shane Sabre

Mowgli def. Tomer Shalom when Dux,Corino,Rhino and the Butcher ran in and destroyed both in the ring which led to…

Segment with Tyson Dux, Steve Corino, Rhino & The Butcher Soa Amin building up Main Event. Lots of people in the crowd whipped bottles at these 4 in the ring after Corino ripped on some of the people in attendance about there ethic background. Tiger Jeet Singh Jr. came out with some rebuttal setting up the events later in the evening.

Roadwarrior Rage def. WWE Legend Bushwhacker Luke

Bollywood Boyz def. John Greed & Tyson Dux after the match Harv of the Bollywood Boyz was put threw a Table.

Mixed Tag Match : Ashley Sixx, Alexia def. Marcus Marquez, Princess Jasmin

NO DQ Match : Tiger Jeet Singh Jr. w/Tiger Jeet Singh Sr,Canadian Boxing Legend George Chuvalo, Gurv of the Bollywood Boyz, Sonjay Dutt, Davey Boy Smith Jr. & Luke vs. Rhino w/Corino,Dux & The Butcher ended in a No Contest after the crew in Rhino’s corner kept getting involved in the match.

2 out of 3 Falls/Falls Count Anywhere : Tiger Jeet Singh Jr. Sonjay Dutt, Davey Jr. def. Steve Corino, The Butcher & Rhino

1st Fall when Tiger pinned in the crowd (Too Many people hard to see)
2nd Fall The Butcher when Tiger was pinned due to Davey Jr. turning on Tiger
3rd Fall Sonjay got the pin on The Butcher after Tiger jumped off a Ladder onto the Butcher who was laid across a Table this was after Sonjay also jumped onto the Butcher on the Table.

Big Celebration at the end with everyone including the Mayor of Brampton.

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