6/29 Beyond Wrestling Sleeper Cell Results

Chip Day Def. DeATLien

Murder 1 Def. Trevor Aeon

Jacoby Boykins Def. Owen Knight

Trace Matthews Def. Kameron Kade

Odinson Def. The DarkMon

Black Baron & Jonathan Gresham Def. Fred Yehi & HACKT

Da Fireman Def. Ashton Starr, Wade Adams, Marko Polo

James Drake Def. Kid Chaos

Apollo Def. K-9, Axel Ross in Triple Threat

Ken Lee Def. Joe Heiken

Shyron Def. Brandon Parker

Jacoby Boykins & Roni Nichole Def. Axel Ross & Devyn Nichole

Devyn Nichole Def. Axel Ross

Aja Parerra Def. Fred Yehi

Stitch Osiris Def. Antony Henry

“Special Dark” Sugar D Def. Rapheal King

Black Baron Def. Jonathan Gresham

Worst Case Scenario Vs Uhaa Nation & Moose Ended in Draw

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