Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of June 16th, 2014


Tag Team Top 5 for the Week of June 16th, 2014

1. Juicy Product (JT Dunn & David Starr)-They tied the record! The FIP and CZW World Tag Team Titles aren’t just collecting titles at this point, they’re collecting #1 rankings! After their victory vs. Drew Gulak and Sozio at CZW on 6/14, they were entered into the discussion among the voters as the potential #1 once again. Arguments went back and forth, but at the end of the day, they BARELY grabbed the #1 ranking for a record-tying 5th time (tying Team IOU) and continue to push towards the top of the 2014 Tag Team Top 50. #4 in the online poll.

2. White America (Reed Bentley & Tripp Cassidy)-This isn’t their first time being mentioned in the Tag Team Top 5, BUT this is the first time this particular pairing has been ranked…and it’s a fantastic ranking at that! Bentley & Cassidy have been unstoppable at IWA Mid-South the last couple of weeks, picking up wins vs. BJ Whitmer & Hy Zaya in tag action and then last week, they defeated BJ Whitmer & Hy Zaya, The Hooligans, and Gary Jay & Shane Mercer in a 4 Way main event. There were arguments for them at #1 this week but they barely ended up at #2. Great first time ranking.

3. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)-The team that many consider the best tag team in the world have returned to the Tag Team Top 5. Once again, they are NOT #1. While they may have had the biggest win over the weekend vs. Bad Influence, it was their slower schedule recently (compared to some of the other teams) that ultimately cost them a shot at the #1 ranking. The IWGP Junior and PWG World Tag Team Champions continue to miss out on that elusive #1, but they’ve been consistently in the top 5 so far in 2014.

4. Soul Shooters (Appollo Starr & Dru Skillz)-“The People’s Champs” for a 2nd straight week get into the Tag Team Top 5 after a big win at D1W on 6/14. While they got very close to being ranked last week, it was the back to back wins over the last 2 weeks that pushed them onto the voters’ ballots and into the elite 5. On top of that, their win at D1W vs. Aaron Williams & Remi Wilkins and Austin Bradley & Kyle Maverick on 6/14 was enough to solidify their place in the Top 5. #1 in the online poll with 97 votes.

5. The Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter)-These bearded bullies can’t stay away from the Tag Team Top 5 for long! The PGP, Zero-1 USA, and JCW Tag Team Champions lost to Reed Bentley & Tripp Cassidy in a 3 Way also involving BJ Whitmer & Hy Zaya at IWA Mid-South on 6/12, but defeated The Viking War Party at Beyond on 6/15. They also won on 6/14 at Metro Pro in Kansas vs. The King Brothers to go 2-1 last week. Next up for the current #1 tag team in the 2014 Tag Team Top 50: Texas and Mexico. Good luck to the Cutters!

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
​Generation Genesis-#2 in the online poll with 70 votes
​Team IOU-#3 in the online poll with 60 votes
​Reno Scum-#5 in the online poll
​Two Star Heroes
​Killer Death Machines
​Da House Party
​Just Uz
​RockNES Monsters
​The Fraternity
​Viking War Party
​Sexy Talented Dudes
​Justin Myers & TJ Fantastic
​The Skywalkers


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