Who should be #1 in the Indy Power Rankings for the week of 6/16/14?

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We mistakenly left AJ Styles off the poll after his win at CWFH. If you want to vote for him, select other and comment or tweet us.

6/14 IZW Results

1 O’Malley defeated Damon Windsor
2 IZW Impact Division Title Match
Drake Gallows defeated Randy Price (c) by disqualification
3 Jake O’Brien defeated Jordan Jacobs
4 Angel Camacho defeated Brock Landers
5 2 on 1 Handicap Match
Gary Tool defeated Team Bull (Bronze Bull and Bobby Starr) by disqualification
6 Gary Tool and Jermaine Johnson defeated Team Bull (Bronze Bull and Bobby Starr)

6/14 SRPW Results

1 Trevor Mapleleaf defeated JB

2 Trey Cole, Ethan Cole and Matt Majestic defeated 3 Masked Band (Hado, El Hijo del Generico and The Flava)

3 SRPW Tag Team Titles Match
The Rising (Justin Riker and Abel) defeated Psycho Sawyer and Diamond (c) – TITLE CHANGE!!!

4 Trey Cole defeated Ray Martinez

5 Brian Breaker defeated Aaron Anders

6 SRPW Heavyweight Title Match
Cody Burns (c) defeated Kid Krazy

6/14 RWA Unleashed 6 Results

1 Menace defeated Mike Frehley

2 3-Way Match
Josh Emanuel vs. Levi Connors vs. Lucio Deveer ended without a winner as a no contest

3 Danny Able defeated Zubov by disqualification

4 WAR Title Match
Jock Samson (c) defeated Nick Estaban Taylor

5 Wild West (DC Bentley and Dave Daniels) defeated Generation Dead (G-Raver and Gory)

6 Ryan Reign defeated Ashton Amherst

7 Chris Taylor vs. Ryan Mitchell ended without a winner

6/12 NWA FUW Signature Pro Results

Three Way Match
Su Yung defeats Cherry Lane and La Rosa Negra

Singles Match
JB Cool defeats JD Maverich

Singles Match
Cuban Assassin defeats Kennedy Kendrick

Singles Match
Kahagas defeats Aaron Epic

NWA FUW Tag Team Title Match
Generation Genesis (Jeff Boom & Mitch Mitchell) (c) defeat The Guadalupe Brothers (Julio Guadalupe & Stefan Guadalupe)

Tag Team Match
Ben Dejo & Lince Dorado defeat Angel Santos & Jesus De Leon

6/13 NECW Blazing Summer Results

Singles Match
Genesis (w/Jeremy Prophet) defeats Brandino Davis

Singles Match
Jimmy Preston defeats Beau Douglas

Singles Match
Jack Maverick defeats David Nieves

NECW Television Title Match
Todo Loco defeats Mike McCarthy (c) – TITLE CHANGE !!!

Singles Match
Dan Terry defeats Makua

Singles Match
Nikki Valentine defeats Toxis

Tag Team Match
The End (Jacob & Mr. Sixx) (w/Tony Ulysses) defeat Nick Fahrenheit & The Giant Pharaoh

NECW Heavyweight Title Match
Brad Hollister (c) vs. Jeremy Prophet – Time Limit Draw (20:00)