Indy Power Rankings for the Week of June 9th, 2014


Indy Power Rankings for the Week of June 9th, 2014

1. Ricochet (@KingRicochet)-After he won the New Japan Best of the Super Juniors Tournament on 6/8, was there really any other option at #1? A lot of great options for the Top 10, sure, but higher than Ricochet in the Top 10? Not likely. In fact, the fans even agreed with the official voters, which is a rarity. His week started off low when the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Champion lost to Jushin Thunder Liger on 6/3, but he bounced back with wins vs. Mascara Dorada on 6/4, Matt Jackson on 6/5, and BUSHI on 6/6 before finally beating Tysuke Taguchi in the Semi Finals and KUSHIDA in the Finals to win the New Japan Best of the Super Juniors Tournament. He was 7-2 in the tournament, overall. He received 237 online votes to become People’s Champ this week as well.

2. AJ Styles (@AJStylesOrg)-The IWGP Heavyweight Champion misses out on the #1 ranking again, but still impressed voters as he defeated Chris Hero on 6/6 and Kevin Steen on 6/7 at House of Hardcore IV & V. He beat two of the biggest names in indy wrestling in one weekend, which was easily enough to get him back into the Top 10 at #2. Great week for a Phenomenal athlete who has been tearing it up since his return to the indies.

3. Adam Cole (@AdamColePro)-The ROH World Champion defeated ACH on 6/6 and Tommaso Ciampa on 6/7 to retain the title. He is 13-4 in singles competition in 2014 and 15-8 overall. While he has been ranked #1 one time this year, you have to assume he’s going to have some more chances at that #1 ranking in the very near future with his HUGE match vs. Michael Elgin coming up at ROH Best in the World in Nashville.

4. Michael Elgin (@ROHMichaelElgin)-The AIW Absolute Champion and ½ of the AAW Tag Champs defeated Jimmy Jacobs at ROH on 6/6, went to a draw with Michael Bennett on 6/7, and then defeated ACH at Smash Wrestling on 6/8 to jump right back into the mix of things. He was the #1 in the IPR 100 in 2014 and he’s currently sitting at #2 this year. He’s currently chasing Ricochet for that #1 spot. If he can cash in and FINALLY win the ROH World Title, it’s going to be a battle right up until the end of 2014.

5. Nick Jackson (@NickJacksonYB)-Not exactly a name you’d expect to see in the SINGLES Top 10, especially as high as he is, but it was a fantastic week for ½ of the Young Bucks. ½ of the PWG World Tag Team Champions and IWGP Junior Tag Team Champions defeated Tiger Mask on 6/3, El Desperado on 6/4, Kenny Omega on 6/5, and Rocky Romero on 6/6 to go 4-3 in the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors and then teamed with Matt Jackson, Bad Luck Fale, & Yujiro Takahashi to defeat CHAOS to go 5-0 this week. That is a flawless week for a hell of a talent who is known more for his tag team excellence.

6. Matt Cage (@proudcaucasian)- The AAW Heritage Champ teamed with Bucky Collins to beat Christian Rose & Nick Brubaker by DQ on 6/6, Johnny Gargano on 6/7 at DREAMWAVE, and then CJ Esparza on 6/8 to go 3-0 on the weekend. “Money” Matt Cage is another guy who’s been hovering around the top of this year’s IPR 100 and this ranking can only help his cause. After 3 straight wins, he’s got some momentum again. Let’s see if he can get back into the #1 spot again before the end of summer. #9 in the online poll.

7. Reed Bentley (@TheReedBentley)-The EPW Elite Champion moved up a spot as he tagged with Tripp Cassidy to defeat last week’s #4 Hy Zaya and BJ Whitmer at IWA Mid-South on 6/5. While his weekend wasn’t as fantastic as some of the members of the Top 10 this week, it was his continued excellence that carried over from last week that has once again given him an appearance in the Indy Power Rankings. 2014 has been an exceptional year for him so far. #6 in the online poll.

8. Melvin Maximus (@melvin_maximus)-The OVW TV Champion RETURNS to the Top 10 as he defeated former Jake Glacier to retain the title at the 6/4 OVW TV Tapings, defeated Roberto De Luna at OVW on 6/6, and then teamed with Jamin Olivencia to defeat Adam Revolver and Marcus Anthony on 6/7. He has won 6 straight matches (one of which was the title win) since regaining the title. He’s currently sitting at #3 in the IPR 100, which is quite amazing for someone who competes primarily in one promotion. It’s his almost perfect win-loss record in 2014 that has gotten him this far.

9. David Starr (@TheProductDS)-The XWA Heavyweight Champ and ½ of the FIP and CZW World Tag Team Champions defeated Ryan Reigns at VOW on 6/7. Much like Reed Bentley before him, it wasn’t one of the best weeks as a stand-alone, but this is more carry over from what he’s been able to accomplish the last few weeks as he has been almost unbeatable. If the last couple of months have been any indication, he’s going to continue to make people “Look at it” for the rest of 2014.

10. Lance Lude (@LanceLude)-The PWX iTV Champion defeated Trevor Lee on 6/7 to win the PWI Ultra J title to become a double champion and to finally break into the Top 10 after several flirtations with getting ranked. He’s had an impressive 2014 so far as well and by all accounts, he is a true rising star in the Carolinas. If he can keep this success going, perhaps he’ll join Caleb Konley as a Carolina-based star to hit #1 in the Top 10. #10 in the online poll.

Honorable Mention. Rob Conway (@TheRobConway)- NEW NWA World Heavyweight Champion for a 2nd time after defeating last week’s #1 Satoshi Kojima for the title at the Cauliflower Alley show on 6/2.

Just missing out/Others Receiving Votes:
Alex Angel-#3 in the online poll
Eddy Young-#2 in the online poll
Shane Mercer-#8 in the online poll
Kharn Alexander-#4 in the online poll
Sugar Dunkerton-#5 in the online poll
Lei-D Tapa
Jeremy Wyatt
Jeremy Prophet-#7 in the online poll
Tony Sly
Josh Alexander
Joseph Primer
Christian Rose
Bobby Fish
Manny Garcia
John Klinger
Joe Hendry
Chuck Mambo
Nick Brubaker
Lince Dorado
Rhett Giddins
Roy Wilkins
Matt Cross
Chuck Mambo
AJ Smooth

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