5/31 Kamikaze Pro Versus Results

Credit: http://www.wrestleropesuk.wordpress.com

Damian Dunne defeated Kenny Williams by Pinfall. (Kamikaze 1, PBW 0)

Dan Moloney & Tyler Bate defeated Joe Coffey & TJ Rage by Pinfall. (Kamikaze 2, PBW 0)

Kid Fite defeated Robbie X by Pinfall. (Kamikaze 2, PBW 1)

Pete Dunne defeated Marshall x by Pinfall.

Kamikaze Pro Championship – Ryan Smile defeated Kay Lee Ray by Pinfall* to retain the Kamikaze Pro Championship. (Kamikaze 3, PBW 1)

*Kay Lee Ray originally defeated Ryan Smile after the original referee was knocked out, a second referee came to the ring and awarded the pinfall to Kay Lee Ray until the original referee overturned the decision and restarted the match.

Following the match, Damian Dunne & Ryan Smile attacked Kay Lee Ray until Pete Dunne stopped the attack. It was announced that Pete Dunne would replace Damian Dunne in the main event.

5-vs-5 Elimination* Tag Team – Kid Fite, Joe Coffey, Kay Lee Ray, TJ Rage & Kenny Williams defeated Pete Dunne, Ryan Smile, Tyler Bate, Dan Moloney & Robbie X. (Kamikaze 3, PBW 4)

*Elimination Order: Pete Dunne, TJ Rage, Kenny Williams, Tyler Bate, Kay Lee Ray, Dan Moloney, Robbie X.

Following the match, Kid Fite & Joe Coffey attacked Robbie X.

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