4/26 PCW There Will Be Blood Results

Singles Match (Special Referee: JT LaMotta)
Jerome Daniels defeats Randy Wayne (4:09)

Eight Man Elimination Tag Team Match
JD Kros, Lou Sterrett, Pendragon & Shea Wright defeat Eric McDonald, Frankie Fisher, Magnum RL & Zero The Antihero (8:40)

Singles Match
Mace Malone defeats Keith Lee (9:30)

Four Way Tag Team Elimination Match
Chris Richter & Putzo defeat Carlos Esquivel & Orion Taylor and Jason Silver & Sky de Lacrimosa and The Brown Brothers (Jeff Brown & Jerry Brown) (8:16)

Singles Match
Steve DeMarco defeats BC (1:08)

Six Man Tag Team Match
Canyon, Jiggle-O James Johnson & Li Fang defeat Kevin Cross, Kristopher Haiden & Steven Kirby (7:35)

Singles Match
Brett Idol defeats Nobe Bryant (7:24)

Six Man Tag Team Match
Angel Blue, Claudia & Paige Turner defeat Delilah Doom, Livi La Vida Loca & Shojo Machiko (5:17)

Singles Match
Mike Foxx defeats Charlie Haas (19:18)

Four Way Match
Matt Palmer defeats Andy Dalton, Gregory James & Kenny Steele (6:56)

No Disqualification Match
Action Jackson defeats Chris Stevens (8:12)

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